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Bible Study - The Elect - Shepherd's Chapel


Posted on March 1, 2007 in Misc » Audio books

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Bible Study - The Elect - Shepherd's Chapel
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This is one CD of the 35 CD set of lessons for new Bible students offered by The Shepherd's Chapel in Gravette Arkansas. I re-encoded it at a lower bit rate using the Fraunhofer IIS Pro MPEG Layer-3 codec to reduce the size for dial-up users yet maintain a very high quality sound.
Pastor Arnold Murray is one of the best chapter by chapter, verse by verse Bible teacher and scholar I have ever been able to find. He never begs for money yet maintains a world wide ministry and has his own 24 hour satellite uplink so that his lessons can viewed around the world. His Bible studies can also be heard and viewed absolutely free via the Internet at
This CD is one of many subject lessons he has also done and a good sampling of his teaching style. If you have had your fill of milk and are ready to get into the meat of our Father's Word, and want an in depth understanding of the Word, then this is what you have been waiting for.
The reason I like studying with Shepherd's Chapel is that Murray never claims to be speaking on behalf of God, and he makes no claims to be a prophet or miracle worker. He's just a man with the same frailties and weaknesses as all of us. In fact he states repeatedly to never take his word, or the words of any teacher, for granted, and insists that you always check it out for yourself. I do. I have my own language tools and I check it out for myself. Murray is more accurate than any teacher I have found so far and I'm always looking for talented teachers and scholars.
I rejected religion at a very early age because to me there was no rhyme or reason to it. For me, finding Shepherd's Chapel was an accidental discovery that finally allowed me to study the Bible where it actually makes some kind of logical and objective sense. (I studied law as a hobby and learned to do legal research so I could handle my own legal affairs and represent myself in court. I did very well at that and had a win ratio that made schooled lawyers jealous and hateful of me.) Then one day I discovered a teacher that convinced me to look at the Bible as a law book and not as religion. That opened up the Bible for me and has given me knowledge and wisdom far beyond my expectations. Murray looks at the Bible in a similar way as though it is a reality, not a religion.

Dr Murray is an ex U.S. Marine with a no nonsense, non-denominational approach to guiding you through the Bible. He pulls no punches and tells it like it is no matter who it may offend. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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