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Caveman 2 Cosmos version 13 (Civ 4 Mod)


Posted on July 15, 2011 in Games » Misc , downloaded 1070 times

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Caveman2Cosmos version 13.7z
Caveman2Cosmos version 13.7z   956.69 MB

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Civilization IV mod: Caveman 2 Cosmos version 13.
Requires Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword v. 3.19 to play.

Installation instructions:
Extract the .7z file to your Beyond the Sword \\\"Mods\\\" folder within the Beyond the Sword game directory. For example, C:\\\\Program Files\\\\Firaxis Games\\\\Sid Meier\\\'s Civilization 4\\\\Beyond the Sword\\\\MODS. It should create a folder called \\\"Caveman2Cosmos\\\" that will include all of the modpack files. In game, click on \\\"Advanced\\\" and then \\\"Load a Mod\\\" to play.

If you want this mod to load automatically every time you play Civ4 Beyond the Sword then edit the \\\"CivilizationIV.ini\\\" file in your \\\"\\\\My Documents\\\\My Games\\\\Beyond the Sword\\\" directory. Search for \\\"Mod = 0\\\" and change it to \\\"Mod = Mods\\\\Caveman2Cosmos\\\".

Credits to mod authors, a list can be found at the link below.

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