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Chess - Databases on Strategy and Positional Play for Domovina


Posted on October 6, 2007 in Ebooks » Misc

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Chess - Databases on Strategy and Positional Play for Domovina

Here is a collection of CB databases about chess strategy and positional play. Almost all games were commented by the players themselves or by the book (ebook) authors.

This upload includes:

Alexander Bangiev - Squares Strategy 1
Alexander Bangiev - Squares Strategy 2 - The Opening
Alexander Bangiev - Squares Strategy 3 - The Middlegame
Alexander Bangiev - Squares Strategy 4 - Opening Repertoire for Black
Alexander Koblenz - Chess Theory and Practice
Alexey Bartashnikov - Basic Principles of Chess Strategy
Alexey Sokolsky - Temas Esenciales de Apertura y Medio Juego
Alexey Suetin - Manual para Jugadores Avanzados
Andrew Soltis - Pawn Structure Chess
Daniel King - Secrets of the English Chess School
Danny Kopec - Test, Evaluate and Improve Your Chess
Emanuel Lasker - Common Sense in Chess
Eugene Znosko-Borovsky - How Not to Play Chess
Exeter Chess Club - Chess Canon
Game Analysis (mixed stuff)
Garry Kasparov - 24 Lecciones de Ajedrez
Garry Kasparov - The Test of Time
Gary Gauthier - ABC of Chess Middlegames
Gelfer - The Positional Chess Handbook
How to Become a Candidate Master (annofritzed)
Inforchess Team - Secretos de Estrategia en Ajedrez
Jacob Aagaard - Basic Positional Ideas
Jeremy Silman - The Study of Master Games
Joan Galiana - Curso de Perfeccionamiento en Ajedrez
John Watson - Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy
Logical Chess - Commented Games
Mark Dvoretsky - Books on Chess Strategy
Max Euwe - Judgement and Planning in Chess
Max Euwe & Haije Kramer - The Middlegame
Mihai Suba - Dynamic Chess Strategy
Pietro Ponzetto - Test di Scacchi
Piotr Romanovsky - El Medio Juego en Ajedrez
Reinhold Ripperger - The Isolated Queen Pawn
Reuben Fine - The Middle Game in Chess
Richard Reti - Modern Ideas in Chess
Sergiu Samarian - Das systematische Schachtraining
Yasser Seirawan - Winning Chess Strategies

I hope you enjoy. Please keep seeding for a while. Byebye.

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