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Destiny Newstar Sets 1-98 videos 1-28


Posted on May 22, 2010 in Misc » Pictures

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Destiny Newstar.torrent
Destiny Newstar.torrent   305.35 KB

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All sets and videos found on usenet, posted here because the other Destiny torrents here are in pretty sad shape. Enjoy.

- Why no rars?
A) In the interests of disk space, it's better for me to seed these as jpgs instead of rars so that I do not need to keep rared and unrared copies around.
B) Long term, people getting this in the far future when there are no full seeders will appreciate being able to get at least a few complete jpgs available from partial seeders instead of useless incomplete rars.

- Torrent-in-a-torrent?
TPB has a limit on the size of a .torrent file that can be uploaded. Because there are so many individual files, this torrent is 2.8 meg and is over that limit, so therefore you have to use this proxy torrent to get the real torrent.

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