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Emma - A Victorian Romance (Season 1+2 & OST) [iphone ready]


Posted on March 31, 2008 in Anime » Misc

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Emma - A Victorian Romance (Season 1+2 & OST) [IIChan][iphone ready]
Emma s2e09 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   158.29 MB
Emma s2e03 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   160.97 MB
Emma s2e06 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   166.19 MB
Emma s1e06 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   156.61 MB
Emma s1e11 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   159.58 MB
Emma s1e08 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   157.4 MB
Emma s1e09 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   159.66 MB
Emma s1e03 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   155.99 MB
Emma s2e08 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   160.48 MB
Emma s1e05 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   160.39 MB
Emma s1e02 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   162.01 MB
Emma s1e12 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   166.25 MB
Emma s2e12 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   158.21 MB
Emma s1e07 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   158.9 MB
Emma s2e01 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   159.76 MB
Emma s2e10 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   157.28 MB
iphone ready.nfo   3.27 KB
Emma s1e04 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   164.54 MB
Emma s2e11 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   155.97 MB
Emma s1e01 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   155.51 MB
Emma s2e05 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   160.43 MB
16 Hope against Hope.mp3   8.42 MB
07 The Belle of the Ball.mp3   10.94 MB
18 Tragic Love.mp3   7.43 MB
08 EMMA (Recorder ver.).mp3   8.7 MB
19 Repose.mp3   7.5 MB
14 Innocence.mp3   7.59 MB
20 rondo of Lilybell.mp3   9.56 MB
04 Diary.mp3   10.42 MB
17 Upstairs, Downstairs.mp3   8.78 MB
09 Distrust.mp3   7.67 MB
22 Silhouette of a Breeze (Strings v.mp3   9.96 MB
21 Purity.mp3   8.68 MB
01 Memory (Strings ver.).mp3   9.74 MB
06 Desire.mp3   8.69 MB
03 Curiosity.mp3   7.58 MB
10 Difference.mp3   9.85 MB
05 Waltz for Emma & William.mp3   9.6 MB
12 Molders.mp3   7.85 MB
11 rondo of Lilybell (Harpsicord ver.mp3   7.25 MB
15 Servant's Ball.mp3   8.04 MB
23 Memory (Recorder ver.).mp3   9.74 MB
13 Nostalgia.mp3   9.14 MB
02 Silhouette of a Breeze (Celt ver..mp3   10.58 MB
15 Confession.mp3   5.42 MB
17 Emma (Harpsichord ver.).mp3   5.95 MB
13 Solitude (Recorder ver.).mp3   7.3 MB
07 Solitude.mp3   5.72 MB
09 Silhouette of a Breeze (Piano sol.mp3   5.52 MB
10 with him.mp3   5.58 MB
19 Silhouette of a Breeze (Record ve.mp3   7.78 MB
03 Emma.mp3   6.68 MB
18 William's Love.mp3   5.74 MB
11 Emma (Piano solo).mp3   7.41 MB
12 the Season.mp3   5.6 MB
04 Lace handkerchief.mp3   6.84 MB
02 Love at first sight.mp3   5.49 MB
05 Menuet for EMMA.mp3   4.19 MB
08 Crystal Palace.mp3   5.96 MB
14 Separation.mp3   7.11 MB
06 Society.mp3   6.67 MB
16 Menuet for EMMA (Piano solo).mp3   5.13 MB
01 Silhouette of a Breeze (On Air Ve.mp3   7.75 MB
Emma s2e04 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   160.1 MB
Emma s2e00 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   155.63 MB
Emma s2e02 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   164.22 MB
Emma s1e10 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   158.01 MB
Emma s2e07 [IIChan][iphone ready].mp4   161.6 MB

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Emma - A Victorian Romance

Go here for review, screenshots and video previews:


Emma is a love story playing in victorian england. For the historically less inclined: The victorian was named after Queen Victoria and commonly describes the time period of her rule between 1837 and 1901. She was as ugly as a beaten pitbull and thus no good material for love stories. Despite her ghastly looks, england made a rapid change from rural to industrialized under her rule. It was a golden age for england with technological and architectural wonders emerging in an unprecedented speed.

This is the setting for this love story between the maid Emma, who works for a retired governess, and William, eldest son of the rich and successfull merchant house of Jones.

You might notice the tiny gap in social status which is the main reason that the two can't just hit the sack despite the fact that they want to. Add the daughter of a noble family, who is introduced to William so they can hit the sack, allowing the House of Jones to become nobility in exchange for a big fat dowry. William's bratty sister and his younger brother have their own view of this affair, as has his father that is really hoping for the chance to rise to nobility. William's best friend, an indian prince - complete with elephants and harem - simultaneously urges him forward while making advances to Emma himself, and Eleanor Campbell - the promised noble daughter - is pretty, likeable and truly in love with him. There is a rich cast of characters and all have their own detailed personality, filling the series with life. In effect, the plot is very simple and straightforward but it's enriched by all those tiny little details.

In fact, the whole show is about details. The author is an anglophile and you notice that in nearly every scene. Everything from clothes to buildings, from people to nature is so incredibly detailed both in art and historical accurateness, that you can feel what victorian england must have been like. Minus the cell shading.

And another thing that absolutely stands out is the absolutely beautiful music which captures the mood and the time period perfectly and - in the case of at least three songs - are outstanding additions for every ipod (if you like that kind of music, of course). Click the video for the opening song Silhouette of a Breeze.

So, what's not to like ? Well, like another critic once said: "This series is dead silent."

By this he meant no action whatsoever. And it's true, so all those guys that previously leeched Claymore will have the most boring time of their lifes' when watching this (although Williams mother might make a good Claymore). And the fans of Daphne in the brilliant blue might complain about the lack of fanservice (provided their testicles didn't shrivel yet from a look at dear Queen Victoria). No steampunk clockwork robots, either. Which leads directly to the next section.

Sex&Crime: Zip. Safe for all ages, excluding boys in their teens who might get bored to death.

Conclusion: Highly recommended. Even the soundtrack is highly recommended, which is the reason I packed it in this torrent as a bonus. Warning: Might make you cry.

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