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EX Sense Lie Detector Pro 4.2.22


Posted on October 20, 2008 in Software » Windows

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Internal Files

EX Sense Lie Detector Pro 4.2.22
-SERIAL-Ex-Sense_Pro_v4.2.22.txt   321 Byte
ex-sense-manual.PDF   303.61 KB
eX-SensePro.CAB   4.71 MB
exs.ico   766 Byte
How to install the software.htm   4.89 KB
QuickGuide.htm   9.49 KB
readme.htm   9.85 KB
setup.exe   176 KB
Setup.Lst   4.19 KB
t-ep4222.exe   18 KB

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EX Sense Lie Detector Pro 4.2.22

Where exposing the Truth becomes your personal advantage…

One of the most effective ways to protect your business and gain a competitive edge is to make informed decisions based on accurate information. As a decision maker, you need access to the truth at all times, but the truth is not always easily obtained.

eX-Sense Pro is more tuned to the business environment needs and is designed with the intention of helping you keep your business safe, obtain and verify information otherwise will be very complicated, if possible at all, and providing you with a competitive edge.

Using the insights provided by the eX-Sense Pro, you will be able to negotiate better deals, hire more skilled (and honest!) personnel, work with more reliable suppliers, expose exactly what goes on in the office when you are not there, and of course, much more...

Most of the functionalities in eX-Sense Pro will be immediately understandable for you, while some more advanced features will require some practice, but using our very extensive, yet simple to understand user manual, will become next to trivial to master in no time. You can use eX-Sense Pro over the phone or using a microphone, with all the Risk mode features of the Home version and the following additions:

Record your test sessions and store them in the database for easy retrieval

replay recorded conversations using Nemesysco's special "Emotion Player" at need

Analyze "hesitation" and general stress in addition to the emotions analyzed by the Home Version. (Hesitation is in fact a very important analysis in the business environment!)

Use the graph display for advanced analysis uses

Use the "Deep" mode to learn even more about how you tested party think

Use the structures conversation tool to get an indication about different issues of importance

Use a high quality USB phone connector

Enjoy Nemesysco's professional level support

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