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Posted on February 24, 2010 in Software » Windows

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Kids pick things up quickly and tend to swap information about the internet between themselves whilst on a break or at dinnertime etc. The danger comes when your child goes in unsupervised chatrooms where paedophiles may be lurking and ready to groom them. Family Keylogger Pro is a keystroke logger and at the same time take screenshots, this will enable the police to take action in case the worst did happen.

Do not think for a minute that the internet is all fluffy and just for gaming etc, there are websites that show the most horrific pornography, websites that show people how to make bombs or drugs and sites that show people the best way to commit suicide. If yourchild is visiting these types of sites or planning anything Family Keylogger Pro will find out!.

Family Keylogger Pro will capture EVERY program run, website visited, email written and all passwords entered into secure fields!. This is much more than just a keylogger, its an extra pair of eyes and also peace of mind knowing that they are ok.


Keep checking the log file after every time your child uses the pc, If your child does visit a banned/pornographic website or internet chatroom you will be able to find out within minutes. You can then take control and limit access to the PC that your child has, maybe even only let them on while being supervised. Take time to talk to your children and make them aware that what they are doing is very dangerous. I was going to place links to news articles as examples but out of respect for the people involved i decided not to, I was astounded however at the many articles on the subject I found just on one website alone!.

Your kids will not even realise they are being watched!


NEW: Now compatible with GMail! (send all your reports to GMail!)
Pro Keylogger - monitoring software
Capture keystrokes - keystroke logger
Capture programs used
Capture websites in Internet Explorer
Capture screenshots - capture screenshots every second if need be
Encrypted log file
Secretly email log files
Invisible Stealth Mode - invisible keylogger
Unique playback mode lets you view everything as it happened
Captures keystrokes/programs/webpages/screenshots in real time
Run silently at startup
Auto-capture at startup
Free updates for the life of the program.
Record Password's entered.- password recorder
Password protection to keep prying eyes out
No spyware or adware of ANY kind in all our software
Easy to install/uninstall unlike some similar programs

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