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[Kung Fu] Fist Power (2000) - DVD/Rmvb


Posted on June 16, 2007 in Movies » Misc

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Fist Power (2000)

Avg. Rating:  
  3.3 / 5 (based on 5 ratings).

Overview: Vincent Zhao Wenzhuo (Chiu Man Cheuk) is a mainland Chinese security expert who has recently returned to family in Hong Kong. In between playful sparring with his kung-fu-mad relatives (they're ALL martial artists - even the old folks!) and avoiding their attempts at matchmaking, Zhao finds time to escort his little nephew to school. Unfortunately for them, this is the same school that former British commando Anthony Wong has decided to take hostage and fill with bombs. Seems Wong is a little disgruntled that, after years of raising his son by himself, his ex-wife and her triad scum boyfriend suddenly appeared and forcibly took the boy away from him.

His ex-wife's boyfriend, Chiu Chung-tin (Lung Fong), couldn't care less about the boy (who is really his biological offspring) but stands to gain a $US1 billion inheritance if he shows up in America with a son before his terminally ill father passes on.

By way of coincidence, Charles is in luck. While the cops are uncooperatively calling in their SDU folks to wipe out the vigilante foursome, it turns out a Shenzhen-based kung-fu and security specialist named Brian (Vincent Zhao Wenzhuo (Chiu Man Cheuk)) is in town. Brian promises Wong that he will retrieve his son for him. At that point, Fist Power becomes a continuous series of chases and fights, with Zhao alternately chasing after the kidnappers and running away from them.

People either hate or like this film's fast and unusual fight-scene editing.

Courtesy Of HKFlix Site.

Cast: Vincent Zhao Wenzhuo (Chiu Man Cheuk)  ||  Anthony Wong  ||  Gigi Lai  ||  Sam Lee  ||  Jeng Pooi Pooi  ||  Lau Ga Wing  ||  Li Fei  ||  Lung Fong

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