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FTV Girls - Amy, Alison, Karlie & Lia - Internext 2006


Posted on December 2, 2010 in Misc » Others

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Amy, Alison, Karlie & Lia - Internext 2006
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FTV Girls - Amy, Alison, Karlie & Lia - Internext 2006

Alison's Comments: While the other girls flew in, me and the photographer drove to the show, so it was pretty exhausting. I was sick too, and I was losing my voice. That's why my voice sounds so different in the videos. I thought it was going to be a professional modeling thing for signing, but all the girls were wearing trampy outfits. I was probably the most conservatively dressed. I wore a short skirt the second day, to show off my legs. But the place had the AC on, and I was freezing! It was nice to meet all sorts of webmasters who were promoting my site, and even some guys who I found out are actually paying members of my site. I got to meet all sorts of models that have been on FTV, like Denice, Eva, Brianna, & Leanne, and of course Amy & Karlie. I had never met Karlie before (since I had never assisted on her shoots) and she was awesome. The kind of girl that I'd have as a best friend if she was living in Phoenix. I also ran into Kate of Katesplayground who you could say is my biggest competitor for my site, but she was very nice. Then at the AVN show I got to meet all sorts of porn stars and even Ron Jeremy. I took some photos with a disposable camera and I'll be posting them on my site later. At the booth, Lia was late as usual, and on the second day she didn't even show up at all. And Amy seemed to follow her example too, and disappear for long times. They're getting paid but not even doing their job. The photographer needed to be a little more strict about what they could do, other girls in other booths had to be there from start to finish. I did miss Violet not being at the show, she was the sparky fun of the last internext. I hear she is having a second baby, but after that she's supposed to come and shoot for FTV again. Seems like the last part of the videos is mostly about me, well I was staying at the photographer's condo and I wasn't with the other girls. He videotaped me getting undressed and showering, then following me for the webmaster date that they set up. It was a contest for webmasters, and the winner got a date with me at a very fancy restaurant. I think the bill was $230.00 for that dinner, but the photographer pays for it. I know the webmaster had a lot of fun, and he was a really cool guy.
Lia's Comments: Heyy guys, how's it been? This internext was a little less exciting, because the attendance was much less than last year. They put the AVN awards show and this show at exactly the same time, and along with the computer show thing its totally screwed up the internext. Took me forever just to find the damned place and get into the internext, that's why I was late. I left my cell phone in the room, and couldn't call anybody to tell them I'd be late. The parties they have after the show is where its at, Rob should've gone to these and videotaped them, it would've been a lot more exciting than the internext parts. He left the show early, didn't even party. My highlight of the day was when a member of my site visited me from Germany, and we even went out to lunch together the next day. He was sweet, and it was great to ask him through a members' view of what he liked about my site, and how he found out about my site. He also had tons of questions for me. The best part was his very thoughtful german stamps he made of me.
Amy's Comments: I've never been to these shows before, but I really don't care about the internext part. The good things happened after the show when I got to hang out with Lia later at night and network with several producers that she knew. I also headed out to the AVN show and met up with Jenna. I'm in the works for a contract with Club Jenna, so that should be cool. I won't be able to model with anyone else once I become their exclusive model. Most of the guys here at the convention were webmasters, but they were pretty strange to me. Ugly guys with big bellies who think they can hook up with a girl like me. At the show I didn't like any of my photos at all, maybe its my hair in them, I like my new look a lot better. But I signed them out when guys wanted it. I got some new tattoos, the one you can see on my arm I wanted so bad for so long, and so here it is finally. Looks like the photographer didn't like it, but its none of his business. Then the photographer says that his model Alexa's breasts are real, who's he kidding? They've got to be fakes. People always think mine are fake, but you can tell they're real by the way they slope and hang.
Karlie's Comments: Me and my best friend who you don't see on the videos came with me, and she had never been to Vegas! For her to see a porn convention was pretty exciting. Rob the photographer picked us up in a Limo, and we had a really nice room at the Treasure Island hotel. We took a cab to the Venetian the first day, then we realized that we could just walk over with the overpass. The girls were nice, but I see why Rob says Lia is irresponsible! When we arrived the night before, she headed out around midnight, and didn't come back until 8am!!! And we were supposed to be ready by 9:30 am for Rob to pick us up and head out to the convention. So when we tried to wake her up, she wouldn't respond, she was still too drunk. I think she got to the convention around 2pm. Amy was sort of disrespectful to me also, the next night, she's out all night, and me and my girlfriend are watching movies and this big black guy comes to our room claiming that he's going to stay the night with Amy. I mean, where the hell did she pick up this random guy, and why? I didn't want to stay in the room with him, so I called Rob and he made sure with security that no random strangers are coming over to our room. At least Alison seemed like a normal girl, not mental with the whole porn thing, just a simple down-to-earth girl. I didn't get to hang out with her much, because she was in some sort of condo with Rob. I had my best friend with me to keep me company, so it was all good.

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