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Greatest Classic Rock Albums - [Uglysagi]


Posted on October 14, 2010 in Music » Misc , verified torrent

Size: 5.94 GB , Seeds: 0 , Peers: 3 ( Updated November 30, 2015 - Refresh )

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Internal Files

Classic Rock
Don't Keep Me Wonderin'.mp3   7.14 MB
Done Somebody Wrong.mp3   9.15 MB
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed.mp3   24.84 MB
Midnight Rider.mp3   6.16 MB
One Way Out.mp3   9.9 MB
Statesboro Blues.mp3   8.69 MB
Stormy Monday.mp3   16.96 MB
Trouble No More.mp3   7.67 MB
You Don't Love Me.mp3   36.18 MB
Drunken Hearted Boy.mp3   13.46 MB
Hot 'Lanta.mp3   10.64 MB
Mountain Jam.mp3   62.49 MB
Whipping Post.mp3   42.72 MB
Booklet Front-Back.jpg   4.67 MB
Booklet Inside 02-03.jpg   1.83 MB
Booklet Inside 04-05.jpg   1.88 MB
Booklet Inside 06-07.jpg   469.96 KB
Booklet Inside 08-09.jpg   1.63 MB
Booklet Inside 10-11.jpg   1.59 MB
Booklet Inside 12-13.jpg   458.93 KB
Booklet Inside 14-15.jpg   2.06 MB
Booklet Inside 16-17.jpg   1.91 MB
Booklet Inside 18-19.jpg   1.43 MB
Booklet Inside 20-21.jpg   1.61 MB
Booklet Inside 22-23.jpg   1.37 MB
Booklet Inside 24-25.jpg   535.36 KB
Booklet Inside 26-27.jpg   395.98 KB
Cover Back (DeLuxe).jpg   475.69 KB
Cover Front (DeLuxe).jpg   824.86 KB
Cover Inside.jpg   1.28 MB
Cover Outside.jpg   3.25 MB
Better Not Look Down.mp3   4.86 MB
Bollere (Live with R. Amador).mp3   8.36 MB
Chains And Things.mp3   6.95 MB
Don't Answer The Door (Parts One & Two).mp3   7.32 MB
Everyday I Have The Blues (Live).mp3   3.85 MB
How Blue Can You Get.mp3   3.92 MB
Hummingbird.mp3   6.5 MB
I Like To Live The Love.mp3   5.03 MB
Never Make Your Move Too Soon.mp3   7.79 MB
Paying The Cost To Be The Boss.mp3   3.74 MB
Playin' With My Friends (with Robert Cray).mp3   7.52 MB
Sweet Little Angel (Live).mp3   5.41 MB
The Thrill Is Gone.mp3   7.67 MB
There Must Be A Better World Somewhere.mp3   5.4 MB
To Know You Is To Love You.mp3   5.49 MB
When Love Comes To Town (with U2).mp3   6.03 MB
Why I Sing The Blues.mp3   12.08 MB
Ain't Nobody Home.mp3   4.68 MB
Broken Heart.mp3   3.97 MB
Caldonia (Live).mp3   5.69 MB
Darlin' You Know I Love You.mp3   6.81 MB
Ghetto Woman.mp3   7.43 MB
Help The Poor.mp3   3.83 MB
I'm Moving On.mp3   6.07 MB
In The Midnight Hour.mp3   4.85 MB
Into The Night.mp3   6 MB
Let The Good Times Roll (Live).mp3   7.76 MB
My Lucille.mp3   5.25 MB
Please Love Me (Live).mp3   4.37 MB
Rock Me Baby (Live).mp3   4.95 MB
Since I Met You Baby.mp3   4.15 MB
So Excited.mp3   7.87 MB
The Blues Come Over Me.mp3   7.4 MB
Three O'Clock Blues (Live).mp3   4.69 MB
Woke Up This Mornin' (Live).mp3   2.69 MB
His definitive greatest hits - BB King - 1999.jpg   178.78 KB
Ballad Of A Thin Man.mp3   6.86 MB
BOB_DYLAN--Highway_61_Revisited_back.jpg   53.44 KB
BOB_DYLAN--Highway_61_Revisited_front.jpg   50.66 KB
Desolation Row.mp3   13.04 MB
From A Buick 6.mp3   3.82 MB
Highway 61 Revisited.mp3   4.04 MB
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry.mp3   4.77 MB
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues.mp3   6.36 MB
Like A Rolling Stone.mp3   7.14 MB
Queen Jane Approximately.mp3   6.35 MB
Tombstone Blues.mp3   6.9 MB
All Along The Watchtower.mp3   6.13 MB
Ballad Of A Thin Man.mp3   6.97 MB
Blowin'in The Wind.mp3   8.31 MB
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right.mp3   8.47 MB
Endless Highway.mp3   9.46 MB
Highway 61 Revisited.mp3   8.18 MB
I Shall Be Released.mp3   7.11 MB
It Ain't Me Babe.mp3   6.78 MB
It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding).mp3   10.65 MB
Just Like A Woman.mp3   9.38 MB
Knockin' On Heaven's Door.mp3   7.13 MB
Lay Lady Lay.mp3   5.96 MB
Like A Rolling Stone.mp3   13.16 MB
Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine).mp3   7.83 MB
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35.mp3   6.36 MB
Stage Fright.mp3   8.27 MB
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.mp3   8.1 MB
The Shape I'm In.mp3   7.4 MB
The Weight.mp3   8.42 MB
Up On Cripple Creek.mp3   9.79 MB
When You Awake.mp3   5.94 MB
All Along The Watchtower.mp3   4.19 MB
Desolation Row.mp3   9.56 MB
Dignity.mp3   7.5 MB
John Brown.mp3   6.28 MB
Knockin' On Heaven's Door.mp3   6.47 MB
Like A Rolling Stone.mp3   10.54 MB
Love Minus Zero No Limit.mp3   6.21 MB
Rainy Day Woman # 12 & 35.mp3   4.05 MB
Shooting Star.mp3   4.75 MB
The Times They Are A-Changin'.mp3   6.71 MB
Tombstone Blues.mp3   5.68 MB
Unplugged_B.jpg   167.71 KB
Unplugged_CD.jpg   114.01 KB
Unplugged_F.jpg   109.31 KB
With God On Our Side.mp3   8.21 MB
Baby, Let Me Follow You Down.mp3   5.92 MB
Blowin' In The Wind.mp3   6.43 MB
Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar.mp3   9.35 MB
I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met).mp3   12.18 MB
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight.mp3   6.06 MB
I'll Keep It With Mine.mp3   8.61 MB
If Not For You.mp3   6.2 MB
Lay Down Your Weary Tune.mp3   10.55 MB
Lay Lady Lay.mp3   7.57 MB
Like A Rolling Stone.mp3   14.1 MB
Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll.mp3   13.22 MB
Masters Of War.mp3   10.41 MB
Mixed-Up Confusion.mp3   5.68 MB
Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine.mp3   8 MB
Percy's Song.mp3   17.65 MB
Subterranean Homesick Blues.mp3   5.39 MB
The Times They Are A-Changin'.mp3   7.4 MB
Tombstone Blues.mp3   13.64 MB
Abandoned Love.mp3   10.29 MB
Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window.mp3   8.2 MB
Dear Landlord.mp3   7.52 MB
Every Grain Of Sand.mp3   14.35 MB
Isis (Live).mp3   12.29 MB
It Ain't Me, Babe.mp3   8.21 MB
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Live).mp3   13.01 MB
Jet Pilot.mp3   1.92 MB
Million Dollar Bash.mp3   5.88 MB
Mr. Tambourine Man.mp3   12.59 MB
Positively 4th Street.mp3   8.97 MB
Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn).mp3   5.39 MB
Tangled Up In Blue.mp3   13.19 MB
To Ramona.mp3   8.97 MB
Visions Of Johanna (Live).mp3   17.33 MB
You Angel You.mp3   6.65 MB
You're A Big Girl Now.mp3   10.06 MB
All Along The Watchtower (Live).mp3   7.05 MB
Baby, I'm In The Mood For You.mp3   6.76 MB
Caribbean Wind.mp3   13.53 MB
Forever Young.mp3   4.71 MB
Gotta Serve Somebody.mp3   12.43 MB
Heart Of Mine (Live).mp3   8.54 MB
I Believe In You.mp3   11.85 MB
I Shall Be Released.mp3   7.05 MB
I Wanna Be Your Lover.mp3   7.94 MB
I Want You.mp3   7.16 MB
Just Like A Woman.mp3   11.29 MB
Knockin' On Heaven's Door.mp3   5.77 MB
On A Night Like This.mp3   6.83 MB
Romance In Durango (Live).mp3   10.68 MB
Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power).mp3   13.05 MB
Solid Rock.mp3   9.1 MB
Time Passes Slowly.mp3   5.99 MB
Up To Me.mp3   14.46 MB
Bob Dylan - Biograph Disc 1 - Back.jpg   89.56 KB
Bob Dylan - Biograph Disc 1 - Front.jpg   100.61 KB
Bob Dylan - Biograph Disc2 - Back.jpg   1.16 MB
Bob Dylan - Biograph Disc2 - Front.jpg   743.78 KB
Bob Dylan - Biograph Disc3 - Back.jpg   747.02 KB
Bob Dylan - Biograph Disc3 - Front.jpg   1.31 MB
Biograph.txt   3.45 KB
Torrent downloaded from   47 Byte
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall.mp3   7.12 MB
Gates Of Eden.mp3   7.86 MB
I Don't Believe You.mp3   3.72 MB
If You Gotta Go, Go Now.Mp3.mp3   3.79 MB
It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding).mp3   10.51 MB
Mr. Tamborine Man.mp3   6.04 MB
Spanish Harlem Incident.mp3   2.89 MB
Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues.mp3   3.79 MB
The Times They Are A-Changin'.mp3   3.23 MB
To Ramona.mp3   5.55 MB
Who Killed Davey Moore.mp3   4.41 MB
All I Really Want To Do.mp3   3.72 MB
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right.mp3   4.22 MB
It Ain't Me, Babe (With Joan Baez).mp3   4.79 MB
Mama, You Been On My Mind (With Joan Baez).mp3   3.32 MB
Silver Dagger (With Joan Baez).mp3   3.5 MB
Talkin' World War Iii Blues.mp3   5.41 MB
The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll.mp3   6.41 MB
With God On Our Side (With Joan Baez).mp3   5.8 MB
dylan b.jpg   140.72 KB
dylan cd1.jpg   101.83 KB
dylan cd2.jpg   100.77 KB
dylan f.jpg   127.6 KB
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Live Version).mp3   19.21 MB
Ballad Of A Thin Man (Live Version).mp3   17.82 MB
Blowin In The Wind (Live Version).mp3   10.12 MB
Chimes Of Freedom (Live Version).mp3   18.51 MB
Desolation Row (Alternate Take).mp3   26.94 MB
Dink's Song (Home Recording).mp3   11.6 MB
Don't Think Twice It S Alright (Demo).mp3   8.29 MB
Highway 61 Revisited (Alternate Take).mp3   8.44 MB
I Was Young When I Left Home (Home Recording).mp3   12.47 MB
It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry (Alternate Take).mp3   8.25 MB
It's All Over Now Baby Blue (Alternate Take).mp3   8.21 MB
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Alternate Take).mp3   13.19 MB
Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (Alternate Take).mp3   14.77 MB
Like A Rolling Stone (Live Version).mp3   18.84 MB
Maggie S Farm (Live Version).mp3   11.61 MB
Man Of Constant Sorrow.mp3   7.85 MB
Masters Of War (Live Version).mp3   10.85 MB
Mr Tambourine Man (Alternate Take).mp3   15.43 MB
Rambler Gambler (Home Recording).mp3   5.7 MB
Sally Gal (Alternate Take).mp3   6.08 MB
She Belongs To Me (Alternate Take).mp3   9.6 MB
Song To Woody.mp3   6.22 MB
Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again (Alternate Take).mp3   13.21 MB
This Land Is Your Land (Live Version).mp3   13.72 MB
Tombstone Blues (Alternate Take).mp3   8.32 MB
Visions Of Johanna (Alternate Take).mp3   15.24 MB
When I Got Troubles (1959).mp3   3.52 MB
When The Ship Comes In (Live Version).mp3   8.33 MB
Baby Don't Scold Me (Demo).mp3   4.19 MB
Burned.mp3   4.57 MB
Can't Keep Me Down [Demo].mp3   4.29 MB
Come On (Demo).mp3   2.95 MB
Disc1 Back.JPG   552.17 KB
Disc1 Front_double.JPG   684.42 KB
Disc1 Inside.JPG   390.94 KB
Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It.mp3   5.96 MB
Down Down Down [Demo].mp3   4.42 MB
Everybody's Wrong.mp3   4.8 MB
Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (Demo).mp3   6.14 MB
Flying On The Ground Is.mp3   5.3 MB
Go And Say Goodbye.mp3   4.71 MB
Hello, I've Returned (Demo).mp3   3.29 MB
Hot Dusty Roads.mp3   5.61 MB
I'm Your Kind Of Guy (Demo).mp3   2.37 MB
Leave.mp3   5.38 MB
Neighbor Don't You Worry (Demo).mp3   4.92 MB
Neighbor Don't You Worry [Remix].mp3   4.73 MB
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing.mp3   6.66 MB
Out Of My Mind (Demo).mp3   5.32 MB
Out Of My Mind.mp3   6.06 MB
Pay The Price.mp3   5.19 MB
Sad Memory (Demo).mp3   5.59 MB
Sit Down I Think I Love You.mp3   5.02 MB
There Goes My Babe (Demo).mp3   4.39 MB
We'll See [Demo].mp3   7.96 MB
A Child's Claim To Fame.mp3   4.39 MB
Baby Don't Scald Me.mp3   6.65 MB
Bluebird.mp3   8.63 MB
Buffalo Stomp (Raga).mp3   7.45 MB
Disc 2 Back.JPG   597.16 KB
Disc 2 Inside.JPG   348.44 KB
Down Down Down (Remix).mp3   5.39 MB
Down To The Wire.mp3   4.86 MB
Everydays.mp3   5.31 MB
Expecting To Fly.mp3   7.3 MB
For What It's Worth.mp3   5.3 MB
Hung Upside Down (Demo).mp3   8.56 MB
Kahuna Sunset.mp3   5.7 MB
Mr. Soul.mp3   5.43 MB
My Angel (Demo).mp3   7.39 MB
My Kind Of Love.mp3   5.04 MB
No Sun Today.mp3   4.12 MB
Nobody's Fool (Demo).mp3   3.2 MB
Pretty Girl Why (Unreleased Mix).mp3   4.9 MB
Rock & Roll Woman.mp3   5.37 MB
So You've Got A Lover (Demo).mp3   6.12 MB
We'll See.mp3   5.42 MB
Words I Must Say (Demo).mp3   2.64 MB
Broken Arrow.mp3   11.79 MB
CD3 Back.JPG   483.6 KB
CD3 Inside.JPG   352.56 KB
CD3.JPG   195.52 KB
Falcon Lake (Ash On The Floor) (Remix).mp3   6.25 MB
Four Days Gone (Demo).mp3   5.42 MB
Good Time Boy.mp3   4.46 MB
Hung Upside Down.mp3   6.67 MB
I Am A Child.mp3   3.53 MB
It's So Hard To Wait.mp3   3.18 MB
Kind Woman.mp3   6.09 MB
Merry Go Round.mp3   3.11 MB
Old Laughing Lady (Demo).mp3   5.23 MB
On The Way Home (Unreleased Mix).mp3   4.83 MB
One More Sign (Demo).mp3   4.07 MB
Questions.mp3   4.31 MB
Round & Round & Round (Demo).mp3   6.96 MB
Sad Memory.mp3   5.87 MB
Special Care.mp3   5.17 MB
The Rent Is Always Due (Demo).mp3   5.93 MB
Uno Mundo.mp3   3.08 MB
What A Day.mp3   3.49 MB
Whatever Happened To Saturday Night (Remix).mp3   4.21 MB
A Child's Claim To Fame.mp3   3.38 MB
Baby Don't Scald Me.mp3   4.76 MB
Bluebird.mp3   6.66 MB
Broken Arrow.mp3   8.88 MB
Burned.mp3   3.53 MB
Disc 4 Back.JPG   507.13 KB
Disc 4 Inside.JPG   338.66 KB
Disc 4.JPG   208.75 KB
Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It.mp3   4.56 MB
Everybody's Wrong.mp3   3.79 MB
Everydays.mp3   4.06 MB
Expecting To Fly.mp3   5.51 MB
Flying On The Ground Is Wrong.mp3   4.08 MB
For What It's Worth.mp3   4.07 MB
Go And Say Goodbye.mp3   3.63 MB
Good Time Boy.mp3   3.48 MB
Hot Dusty Roads.mp3   4.31 MB
Hung Upside Down.mp3   5.16 MB
Leave.mp3   4.12 MB
Mr. Soul.mp3   4.28 MB
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing.mp3   5.1 MB
Out Of My Mind.mp3   4.64 MB
Pay The Price.mp3   4.02 MB
Rock & Roll Woman.mp3   4.21 MB
Sad Memory.mp3   4.55 MB
Sit Down I Think I Love You.mp3   3.89 MB
folder.jpg   27 KB
Bluebird (Extended - Stolen From Stills Home).mp3   12.57 MB
Bluebird (Extended With Young Overdubs).mp3   13.35 MB
Bluebird (Live Dallas 1968).mp3   14.77 MB
Bluebird (Live Huntington 1967).mp3   12.96 MB
buffalo_springfield-sell_out-back-fuf.jpg   2.29 MB
buffalo_springfield-sell_out-front-fuf.jpg   2.31 MB
Childs Claim To Fame (Live Dallas 1968).mp3   3.48 MB
For What It's Worth (Live Dallas 1968).mp3   4.9 MB
For What It's Worth (Live).mp3   4.96 MB
Go And Say Goodbye (Live Huntington 1967).mp3   3.74 MB
Mr Soul (Live Huntington 1967).mp3   8.88 MB
Mr. Soul (Alt 45 Mix).mp3   3.56 MB
Nowadays Clancy Cant Even Sing (Demo).mp3   3.83 MB
Nowadays Clancy Cant Even Sing (Live Dallas 1968).mp3   5.51 MB
Raga (Unreleased, Diff From The Box Set).mp3   2.14 MB
Rock And Roll Woman (Live Dallas 1968).mp3   5.22 MB
Sell Out (Unreleased, Full Band).mp3   3.72 MB
Uno Mundo (Live Dallas 1968).mp3   3.34 MB
Bootleg.mp3   5.61 MB
Born On The Bayou.mp3   9.65 MB
Good Golly Miss Molly.mp3   3.15 MB
Graveyard Train.mp3   15.85 MB
Keep On Chooglin'.mp3   14.07 MB
Penthouse Pauper.mp3   4.24 MB
Proud Mary.mp3   5.8 MB
Before You Accuse Me.mp3   6.35 MB
I Heard It Through The Grapevine.mp3   20.45 MB
Long As I Can See The Light.mp3   6.6 MB
Lookin' Out My Back Door.mp3   4.74 MB
My Baby Left Me.mp3   4.29 MB
Ooby Dooby.mp3   3.94 MB
Ramble Tamble.mp3   13.22 MB
Run Through The Jungle.mp3   5.77 MB
Travelin' Band.mp3   3.97 MB
Up Around The Bend.mp3   4.99 MB
Who'll Stop The Rain.mp3   4.62 MB
Get Down Woman.mp3   5.89 MB
Gloomy.mp3   7.13 MB
I Put A Spell On You.mp3   8.4 MB
Ninety-Nine And A Half.mp3   6.81 MB
Porterville.mp3   4.48 MB
Suzie Q.mp3   15.94 MB
The Working Man.mp3   5.76 MB
Walk On The Water.mp3   8.66 MB
Bonita.mp3   3.31 MB
Brown-Eyed Girl.mp3   4.89 MB
Call It Pretending.mp3   4.14 MB
Come On Baby.mp3   4.29 MB
Don't Tell Me No Lies.mp3   3.69 MB
Fight Fire.mp3   4.88 MB
Fragile Child.mp3   5.02 MB
Gonna Hang Around.mp3   4.71 MB
Have You Ever Been Lonely.mp3   4.43 MB
I Only Met You Just An Hour Ago.mp3   4.11 MB
Instrumental #1.mp3   5.68 MB
Little Girl (Does Your Momma Know).mp3   4.97 MB
Little Tina.mp3   4.75 MB
Oh My Love.mp3   3.78 MB
She Was Mine.mp3   4.43 MB
Tell Me.mp3   7.65 MB
Try Try Try.mp3   4.22 MB
Walking On The Water.mp3   5.96 MB
Where You Been.mp3   5.1 MB
You Better Be Careful.mp3   5 MB
You Better Get It Before It Gets You.mp3   6.93 MB
You Came Walking.mp3   3.84 MB
You Can't Be True (First Version).mp3   5.27 MB
You Can't Be True (Second Version).mp3   5.33 MB
You Got Nothin' On Me.mp3   4.98 MB
45 Revolutions Per Minute Part 1.mp3   6.27 MB
45 Revolutions Per Minute.mp3   13.66 MB
Bad Moon Rising.mp3   4.47 MB
Commotion.mp3   5.14 MB
Cross-Tie Walker.mp3   6.21 MB
Green River.mp3   4.89 MB
Lodi.mp3   5.98 MB
Sinister Purpose.mp3   6.28 MB
The Night Time Is the Right Time.mp3   5.91 MB
Tombstone Shadow.mp3   6.82 MB
Wrote a Song for Everyone.mp3   9.23 MB
Bad Moon Rising (Live).mp3   3.84 MB
Born On The Bayou (Live).mp3   9.32 MB
Commotion (Live).mp3   4.73 MB
Door To Door (Live).mp3   3.72 MB
Fortunate Son (Live).mp3   4.46 MB
Hey Tonight (Live).mp3   4.64 MB
It Came Out Of The Sky (Live).mp3   5.89 MB
Keep On Chooglin' (Live).mp3   23.13 MB
Lodi (Live).mp3   5.86 MB
Proud Mary (Live).mp3   5.45 MB
Susie Q (Live).mp3   8.3 MB
Sweet Hitch-Hiker (Live).mp3   5.91 MB
Travelin' Band (Live).mp3   4.07 MB
Up Around The Bend (Live).mp3   4.81 MB
Door To Door.mp3   4.02 MB
Hello Mary Lou.mp3   4.25 MB
Lookin' For A Reason.mp3   6.38 MB
Need Someone To Hold.mp3   5.59 MB
Sail Away.mp3   4.71 MB
Someday Never Comes.mp3   7.5 MB
Sweet Hitch-Hiker.mp3   5.53 MB
Take It Like A Friend.mp3   5.58 MB
Tearin' Up The Country.mp3   4.17 MB
What Are You Gonna Do.mp3   5.4 MB
(Wish I Could) Hideaway.mp3   6.96 MB
Born To Move.mp3   10.44 MB
Chameleon.mp3   6.07 MB
Have You Ever Seen The Rain.mp3   4.92 MB
Hey Tonight.mp3   5.05 MB
It's Just A Thought.mp3   7.09 MB
Molina.mp3   5.02 MB
Pagan Baby.mp3   11.84 MB
Rude Awakening, No. 2.mp3   11.74 MB
Sailor's Lament.mp3   7.05 MB
Bad Moon Rising.mp3   4.22 MB
Born On The Bayou.mp3   9.62 MB
Commotion.mp3   4.81 MB
Don't Look Now (It Ain't You Or Me).mp3   4.36 MB
Down On The Corner.mp3   5 MB
Fortunate Son.mp3   4.38 MB
Green River.mp3   6.06 MB
Keep On Chooglin'.mp3   16.95 MB
Midnight Special.mp3   7.02 MB
Night Time Is The Right Time.mp3   6.2 MB
Proud Mary.mp3   6.06 MB
Tombstone Shadow.mp3   6.78 MB
Travelin' Band.mp3   3.81 MB
Who'll Stop The Rain.mp3   4.36 MB
Cotton Fields.mp3   5.34 MB
Don't Look Now.mp3   4.06 MB
Down on the Corner.mp3   5.11 MB
Effigy.mp3   11.87 MB
Feelin' Blue.mp3   9.36 MB
Fortunate Son.mp3   4.32 MB
It Came Out of the Sky.mp3   5.39 MB
Poorboy Shuffle.mp3   4.51 MB
Side O' the Road.mp3   6.31 MB
The Midnight Special.mp3   7.77 MB
CD 2 - front.jpg   158.08 KB
CD 3 - back.jpg   215.81 KB
CD 3 - front.jpg   157.62 KB
CD 4 Back.jpg   218.21 KB
CD 4 Front.jpg   157.59 KB
CD 5 Back.jpg   227.47 KB
CD 5 Front.jpg   158.24 KB
CD 6 Back.jpg   215.66 KB
CD 6 Front.jpg   157.97 KB
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Boxset 1-Back.jpg   226.78 KB
Creedence_Clearwater_Revival_-_Boxset_1-1961-67-front.jpg   157.98 KB
4 + 20.mp3   4.03 MB
Almost Cut My Hair.mp3   16.27 MB
Blackbird.mp3   4.8 MB
Carry On.mp3   8.15 MB
Deja Vu.mp3   7.68 MB
Guinnevere.mp3   8.79 MB
Helpless.mp3   6.67 MB
Helplessly Hoping.mp3   4.7 MB
Horses Through A Rainstorm.mp3   6.75 MB
Lady Of The Island.mp3   4.86 MB
Laughing.mp3   9.95 MB
Long Time Gone.mp3   7.9 MB
Marrakesh Express.mp3   4.83 MB
Song With No Words.mp3   5.97 MB
Suite Judy Blue Eyes.mp3   13.75 MB
Teach Your Children Well.mp3   5.36 MB
Wooden Ships.mp3   10.04 MB
You Don't Have To Cry.mp3   4.96 MB
Black Queen.mp3   13 MB
Change Partners.mp3   5.95 MB
I Used To Be A King.mp3   8.84 MB
I'd Swear There Was Somebody Here.mp3   2.53 MB
Johnny's Garden.mp3   5.12 MB
Love The One You're With.mp3   5.75 MB
Man In The Mirror.mp3   4.86 MB
Military Madness.mp3   5.38 MB
Music Is Love.mp3   6.22 MB
My Love Is A Gentle Thing.mp3   2.61 MB
Ohio.mp3   5.73 MB
Old Times Good Times.mp3   6.81 MB
Our House.mp3   5.53 MB
Simple Man.mp3   4.29 MB
So Begins The Task.mp3   7.42 MB
Southbound Train.mp3   7.27 MB
The Lee Shore.mp3   10.15 MB
Turn Back The Pages.mp3   7.5 MB
Urge For Going.mp3   6.95 MB
Woodstock.mp3   7.13 MB
Word Game.mp3   7.71 MB
Another Sleep Song.mp3   8.71 MB
Bittersweet.mp3   4.87 MB
Carry Me.mp3   6.59 MB
Cathedral.mp3   9.68 MB
Chicago We Can Change The World.mp3   7.4 MB
Cowboy Of Dreams.mp3   6.41 MB
Dark Star.mp3   9.17 MB
Homeward Through The Haze.mp3   8.06 MB
Immigration Man.mp3   5.55 MB
In My Dreams.mp3   9.58 MB
It Doesn't Matter.mp3   4.66 MB
Just A Song Before I Go.mp3   4.13 MB
Page 43.mp3   5.44 MB
Prison Song.mp3   5.92 MB
See The Changes.mp3   5.06 MB
Shadow Captain.mp3   8.38 MB
Taken At All.mp3   5.42 MB
To The Last Whale....mp3   10.16 MB
Where Will I Be.mp3   6.21 MB
5050.mp3   8.02 MB
After The Dolphin.mp3   9.04 MB
As I Come Of Age.mp3   5.16 MB
Barrel Of Pain (Half Life).mp3   8.75 MB
Cold Rain.mp3   4.79 MB
Daylight Again Daylight AgainFind The Cost Of Freedom.mp3   4.56 MB
Dear Mr. Fantasy.mp3   13.02 MB
Delta.mp3   7.75 MB
Drive My Car.mp3   7.11 MB
Find The Cost Of Freedom.mp3   3.67 MB
Got It Made.mp3   8.41 MB
Haven't We Lost Enough.mp3   5.76 MB
Soldiers Of Pain.mp3   8.04 MB
Southern Cross.mp3   8.6 MB
Thoroughfare Gap.mp3   6.55 MB
Tracks In The Dust.mp3   8.82 MB
Wasted On The Way.mp3   5.14 MB
Wild Tales.mp3   5.83 MB
Yours And Mine.mp3   8.24 MB
Box Set.txt   7 KB
folder.jpg   35.88 KB
Torrent downloaded from   47 Byte
Beat Cafe.mp3   5.86 MB
Do Not Go Gentle.mp3   6.17 MB
Lord Of The Universe.mp3   6.63 MB
Love Floats.mp3   5.98 MB
Lover O Lover.mp3   6.84 MB
Poorman's Sunshine.mp3   5.6 MB
Shambhala.mp3   7.59 MB
The Cuckoo.mp3   5.3 MB
The Question.mp3   4.32 MB
Two Lovers.mp3   5.13 MB
Whirlwind.mp3   6.61 MB
Yin My Yang.mp3   4.99 MB
Catch The Wind.mp3   2.79 MB
Cuttin' Out.mp3   2.25 MB
Do You Hear Me Now.mp3   2.55 MB
Donna Donna.mp3   4.09 MB
Donovan - Catch The Wind - Back.jpg   303.6 KB
Donovan - Catch The Wind - Front.jpg   82.3 KB
Every Man Has His Chain.mp3   5.14 MB
Gold Watch Blues.mp3   3.53 MB
Hey Gip (Dig the Slowness).mp3   4.43 MB
Josie.mp3   4.75 MB
Keep On Truckin'.mp3   1.74 MB
Ramblin' Boy.mp3   3.53 MB
Remember The Alamo.mp3   3.59 MB
Riding In My Car (Car Song).mp3   2.79 MB
Tangerine Puppet.mp3   2.56 MB
The War Drags On.mp3   3.44 MB
To Sing For You.mp3   3.78 MB
Turquoise.mp3   3.28 MB
Universal Soldier.mp3   2.12 MB
Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do.mp3   5.54 MB
You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond.mp3   5.56 MB
Atlantis.mp3   6.91 MB
Barabajagal.mp3   4.63 MB
Catch The Wind.mp3   7.42 MB
Colours.mp3   5.16 MB
Donovans - Greatest Hits - back.jpg   211.22 KB
Donovans - Greatest Hits - front.jpg   118.61 KB
Donovans - Greatest Hits - inside.jpg   112.27 KB
Epistle To Dippy.mp3   4.95 MB
Hurdy Gurdy Man.mp3   5.04 MB
Jennifer Juniper.mp3   4.54 MB
Lalena.mp3   4.1 MB
Mellow Yellow.mp3   5.12 MB
Riki Tiki Tavi.mp3   4.09 MB
Season Of The Witch.mp3   6.84 MB
Sunshine Superman.mp3   7 MB
There Is A Mountain.mp3   4.08 MB
To Susan On The West Coast Waiting.mp3   4.49 MB
Wear Your Love Like Heaven.mp3   3.39 MB
Atlantis.mp3   9.27 MB
Catch The Wind.mp3   5.43 MB
Celeste.mp3   7.7 MB
Celia Of The Seals.mp3   5.62 MB
Colours.mp3   5.12 MB
Cosmic Wheels.mp3   7.49 MB
Epistle To Dippy.mp3   5.87 MB
Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot).mp3   6.18 MB
Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness).mp3   5.92 MB
Hurdy Gurdy Man.mp3   6.04 MB
Jennifer Juniper.mp3   5.05 MB
Josie.mp3   6.34 MB
Lalena.mp3   5.57 MB
Mellow Yellow.mp3   6.85 MB
Poor Cow.mp3   5.5 MB
Season Of The Witch.mp3   9.27 MB
Sunshine Superman.mp3   8.49 MB
Superlungs.mp3   6.09 MB
The Trip.mp3   8.47 MB
There Is A Mountain.mp3   4.87 MB
To Susan On The West Coast Waiting.mp3   5.97 MB
Universal Soldier.mp3   4.14 MB
Wear Your Love Like Heaven.mp3   4.53 MB
Bleak City Woman.mp3   3.38 MB
Hampstead Incident.mp3   6.5 MB
House Of Jansch.mp3   3.86 MB
Mellow Yellow.mp3   5.14 MB
Museum.mp3   4.08 MB
Sand And Foam.mp3   4.64 MB
Sunny South Kensington.mp3   5.3 MB
The Observation.mp3   3.36 MB
Writer In The Sun.mp3   6.16 MB
Young Girl Blues.mp3   5.27 MB
Bert's Blues.mp3   5.59 MB
Celeste.mp3   5.74 MB
Ferris Wheel.mp3   5.92 MB
Guinevere.mp3   5.14 MB
Legend Of A Girl Child Linda.mp3   9.58 MB
Season Of The Witch.mp3   6.92 MB
Sunshine Superman.mp3   4.57 MB
The Fat Angel.mp3   5.87 MB
The Trip.mp3   6.38 MB
Three King Fishers.mp3   4.58 MB
Croker Courtbullion.mp3   11.03 MB
Danse Fambeaux.mp3   9.05 MB
Danse Kalinda Ba Doom.mp3   6.73 MB
Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya.mp3   10.3 MB
I Walk On Guilded Splinters.mp3   14.01 MB
Jump Sturdy.mp3   4.32 MB
Mama Roux.mp3   5.48 MB
Big Chief.mp3   4.79 MB
Blow Wind Blow.mp3   4.53 MB
Huey Smith Medley High Blood PressureDon't You Just Know ItWell I'.mp3   4.63 MB
Iko Iko.mp3   5.93 MB
Junko Partner.mp3   6.26 MB
Let the Good Times Roll.mp3   5.51 MB
Li'l Liza Jane.mp3   4.2 MB
Mess Around.mp3   4.49 MB
Somebody Changed the Lock.mp3   3.81 MB
Stackalee.mp3   4.86 MB
Those Lonely, Lonely Nights.mp3   3.56 MB
Tipitina.mp3   3.04 MB
Beck's Bolero.mp3   2.64 MB
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago.mp3   2.69 MB
Heart Full Of Soul.mp3   2.29 MB
Hi-Ho Silver Lining.mp3   2.66 MB
Hot House Of Omagarashid.mp3   2.47 MB
I Ain't Done Wrong.mp3   3.36 MB
I'm A Man.mp3   2.43 MB
I'm Not Talking.mp3   2.34 MB
Jeff's Boogie.mp3   2.21 MB
Lost Woman.mp3   2.9 MB
Love Me Like I Love You (Live).mp3   2.63 MB
Mister, You're A Better Man Than I (Live).mp3   3.64 MB
Nursery Rhyme (Live).mp3   5.36 MB
Over, Under, Sideways, Down.mp3   2.19 MB
Psycho Daisies.mp3   1.67 MB
Rack My Mind.mp3   2.96 MB
Shapes Of Things.mp3   2.23 MB
Steeled Blues.mp3   2.44 MB
Tallyman.mp3   2.55 MB
The Nazz Are Blue.mp3   2.8 MB
The Sun Is Shining (Live).mp3   2.51 MB
The Train Kept A Rollin'.mp3   3.14 MB
Too Much Monkey Business (Live).mp3   2.3 MB
Trouble In Mind.mp3   2.12 MB
Wandering Man Blues.mp3   3.2 MB
Black Cat Moan (Live).mp3   8.53 MB
Blues Deluxe-Bba Boogie (Live).mp3   15.32 MB
Definitely Maybe.mp3   4.65 MB
Going Down.mp3   6.27 MB
I Ain't Superstitious.mp3   4.51 MB
I Can't Give Back The Love I Feel For You.mp3   2.51 MB
I've Been Drinking.mp3   3.03 MB
Jailhouse Rock.mp3   3.07 MB
Jizz Whizz.mp3   4.06 MB
New Ways Train Train.mp3   5.39 MB
Plynth (Water Down The Drain).mp3   2.86 MB
Rock My Plimsoul.mp3   3.39 MB
Shape Of Things.mp3   3.07 MB
Superstition.mp3   3.98 MB
Back On The Street.mp3   3.4 MB
Big Block.mp3   3.83 MB
Cause We've Ended As Lovers.mp3   5.25 MB
Diamond Dust.mp3   7.68 MB
Escape.mp3   4.28 MB
Freeway Jam (Live).mp3   6.79 MB
Gets Us All In The End.mp3   5.6 MB
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat.mp3   5.01 MB
Love Is Green.mp3   2.31 MB
People Get Ready.mp3   4.53 MB
Sleepwalk.mp3   2.12 MB
The Pump.mp3   5.33 MB
The Stumble.mp3   2.8 MB
The Train Kept A Rollin'.mp3   3.67 MB
Where Were You.mp3   3.01 MB
Wild Thing.mp3   3.89 MB
Jeff Beck - Beckology Vol.1 - Back.jpg   703.85 KB
Jeff Beck - Beckology Vol.1 - Front.jpg   1.28 MB
Jeff Beck - Beckology Vol.2 - Back.jpg   647.7 KB
Jeff Beck - Beckology Vol.2 - Front.jpg   1.67 MB
Jeff Beck - Beckology Vol.3 - Back.jpg   642.04 KB
Jeff Beck - Beckology Vol.3 - Front.jpg   1.38 MB
Blue Sky.mp3   2.56 MB
Children and All That Jazz.mp3   2.95 MB
Diamonds & Rust.mp3   4.4 MB
Fountain of Sorrow.mp3   4.18 MB
Hello in There.mp3   2.84 MB
Imagine.mp3   3.2 MB
In the Quiet Morning.mp3   2.73 MB
Jesse.mp3   4.16 MB
Love Song to a Stranger.mp3   3.59 MB
Myths.mp3   3.08 MB
Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer.mp3   2.58 MB
Prison Trilogy (Billy Rose).mp3   4.08 MB
Rainbow Road.mp3   2.84 MB
Simple Twist of Fate.mp3   4.41 MB
Song of Bangladesh.mp3   4.48 MB
To Bobby.mp3   3.73 MB
Tumbleweed.mp3   3.26 MB
(Ain't Gonna Let Nobody) Turn Me Around.mp3   2.57 MB
Amazing Grace.mp3   4.1 MB
Boulder to Birmingham.mp3   3.77 MB
Forever Young.mp3   3.17 MB
I Shall Be Released.mp3   2.09 MB
Joe Hill.mp3   2.88 MB
Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts.mp3   8.08 MB
Love Is Just a Four Letter Word.mp3   3.21 MB
Myths.mp3   2.41 MB
Oh Happy Day.mp3   3.16 MB
Please Come to Boston.mp3   3.93 MB
Stewball.mp3   4.18 MB
Suzanne.mp3   4.05 MB
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.mp3   3.61 MB
The Ballad of Socco and Vanzetti.mp3   4.09 MB
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.mp3   3.6 MB
Folder.jpg   8.66 KB
After The Gold Rush.mp3   8.65 MB
Broken Arrow.mp3   14.29 MB
Burned.mp3   5.2 MB
Cinnamon Girl.mp3   6.91 MB
Cowgirl In The Sand.mp3   23.02 MB
Down By The River.mp3   20.62 MB
Down To The Wire.mp3   5.72 MB
Expecting To Fly.mp3   8.64 MB
Helpless.mp3   8.16 MB
I Am A Child.mp3   5.38 MB
I Believe In You.mp3   7.96 MB
Mr. Soul.mp3   6.52 MB
Southern Man.mp3   12.61 MB
Sugar Mountain.mp3   13.06 MB
The Loner.mp3   8.81 MB
The Old Laughing Lady.mp3   12.92 MB
A Man Needs A Maid.mp3   9.19 MB
Campaigner.mp3   8.05 MB
Cortez The Killer.mp3   17.28 MB
Deep Forbidden Lake.mp3   8.47 MB
For The Turnstiles.mp3   6.94 MB
Harvest.mp3   7.28 MB
Heart Of Gold.mp3   7.16 MB
Like A Hurricane.mp3   19.02 MB
Long May You Run.mp3   8.75 MB
Love Is A Rose.mp3   5.24 MB
Ohio.mp3   6.86 MB
Old Man.mp3   7.74 MB
Soldier.mp3   5.72 MB
Star Of Bethlehem.mp3   6.27 MB
The Needle And The Damage Done.mp3   4.84 MB
Tired Eyes.mp3   10.47 MB
Tonight's The Night (Part 1).mp3   10.78 MB
Walk On.mp3   6.18 MB
Winterlong.mp3   7.21 MB
Back.jpg   282.61 KB
CD1.jpg   198.86 KB
CD2.jpg   197.29 KB
Front.jpg   223.72 KB
Decade.txt   2.2 KB
Torrent downloaded from   47 Byte
After The Gold Rush.mp3   4.84 MB
Cinnamon Girl.mp3   4.41 MB
Comes A Time.mp3   4.14 MB
Cowgirl In The Sand.mp3   15.2 MB
Down By The River.mp3   13.38 MB
Harvest Moon.mp3   6.89 MB
Heart Of Gold.mp3   4.47 MB
Helpless.mp3   4.89 MB
Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black).mp3   7.31 MB
Like A Hurricane.mp3   12.34 MB
Ohio.mp3   4.27 MB
Old Man.mp3   4.74 MB
Only Love Can Break Your Heart.mp3   4.56 MB
Rockin' In The Free World.mp3   6.55 MB
Southern Man.mp3   8.34 MB
The Needle And The Damage Done.mp3   2.81 MB
1959.mp3   5.55 MB
Ain't It Strange.mp3   9.12 MB
Babelogue.mp3   2.1 MB
Because the Night.mp3   4.7 MB
Beneath the Southern Cross.mp3   6.37 MB
Dancing Barefoot.mp3   5.9 MB
Frederick.mp3   4.24 MB
Free Money.mp3   5.27 MB
Ghost Dance.mp3   6.48 MB
Glitter in Their Eyes.mp3   4.28 MB
Gloria.mp3   8.12 MB
Paths That Cross.mp3   6 MB
People Have the Power.mp3   7.13 MB
Pissing in a River.mp3   6.71 MB
Rock 'n' Roll Nigger.mp3   4.7 MB
Summer Cannibals.mp3   5.75 MB
When Doves Cry [Unreleased Studio Track, 2001].mp3   6.91 MB
25th Floor [Live Eugene, Ore., 1978].mp3   7.9 MB
Birdland [Live Los Angeles, Calif., 2001].mp3   13.38 MB
Boy Cried Wolf [Live Paris, 2001].mp3   8.03 MB
Come Back Little Sheba [Studio Outtake, 1996].mp3   3.62 MB
Dead City [Live Denmark, 2001].mp3   6.33 MB
Distance Fingers [Demo, 1975].mp3   6.83 MB
Higher Learning - Contemplation [Unreleased Studio Track, 2001].mp3   10.14 MB
Notes to the Future [Live St. Mark's Church, New York, N.Y., 2002].mp3   8.41 MB
Piss Factory [Track, 1974].mp3   6.98 MB
Redondo Beach [Demo, 1975].mp3   5.19 MB
Spell [Live Portland, Ore., 2001].mp3   9.21 MB
Wander I Go [Track, 1996].mp3   6.83 MB
Wing [Live Paris, 2001].mp3   7.03 MB
Patti Smith - Land - Back.jpg   153 KB
Patti Smith - Land - Front.jpg   110.73 KB
band_mfbp_back_1.jpg   131.21 KB
Caledonia Mission.mp3   4.13 MB
Chest Fever.mp3   7.32 MB
Ferdinand the Imposter (Outtake-Demo).mp3   5.51 MB
I Shall be Released.mp3   4.59 MB
If I Lose (Outtake).mp3   3.46 MB
In a Station.mp3   4.94 MB
Katie's Been Gone (Outtake).mp3   3.85 MB
Key to the Highway (Outtake).mp3   3.42 MB
Lonesome Suzie.mp3   5.62 MB
Lonesone Suzie (Alternate Take).mp3   4.16 MB
Long Black Veil.mp3   4.29 MB
Long Distance Operator (Outtake).mp3   5.49 MB
Orange Juice Blues (Blues for Breakfast) (Outtake-Demo).mp3   5.07 MB
Tears of Rage (Alternate Take).mp3   7.63 MB
Tears of Rage.mp3   7.44 MB
The Band - Back.jpg   843.81 KB
The Weight.mp3   6.41 MB
This Wheel's on Fire.mp3   4.47 MB
To Kingdom Come.mp3   4.66 MB
We Can Talk.mp3   4.3 MB
Yazoo Street Scandal (Outtake).mp3   5.56 MB
Across The Great Divide.mp3   5.33 MB
Get Up Jake (Outtake - Stereo Mix).mp3   4.24 MB
Jawbone.mp3   7.99 MB
Jemima Surrender (Alternate Take).mp3   7.01 MB
Jemima Surrender.mp3   6.49 MB
King Harvest (Has Surely Come).mp3   6.74 MB
King Harvest Has Surely Come (Alternate Performance).mp3   8.22 MB
Look Out Cleveland.mp3   5.83 MB
Rag Mama Rag (Alternate Vocal Take - Rough Mix).mp3   5.68 MB
Rag Mama Rag.mp3   5.68 MB
Rockin' Chair.mp3   6.85 MB
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Alternate Mix).mp3   7.86 MB
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.mp3   6.55 MB
The Unfaithful Servant.mp3   7.88 MB
Up On Cripple Creek (Alternate Take).mp3   8.93 MB
Up On Cripple Creek.mp3   8.42 MB
When You Awake.mp3   5.93 MB
Whispering Pines (Alternate Take).mp3   9.48 MB
Whispering Pines.mp3   7.31 MB
Don't Do It.mp3   3.19 MB
It Makes No Difference.mp3   4.52 MB
Life Is A Carnival.mp3   2.73 MB
Ophelia.mp3   2.44 MB
Stage Fright.mp3   2.56 MB
Tears Of Rage.mp3   3.7 MB
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.mp3   2.44 MB
The Shape I'm In.mp3   2.79 MB
The Weight.mp3   3.17 MB
Twilight.mp3   2.27 MB
Up On Cripple Creek.mp3   3.13 MB
(See The Sky) About To Rain.mp3   6.18 MB
B000006XCK.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_[1].jpg   23.32 KB
Born To Rock 'N' Roll.mp3   5.21 MB
Borrowing Time.mp3   3.31 MB
Changing Heart.mp3   4.42 MB
Cowgirl In The Sand.mp3   5.53 MB
For Free.mp3   6.23 MB
Full Circle.mp3   4.46 MB
Laughing.mp3   9.15 MB
Long Live The King.mp3   3.77 MB
Sweet Mary.mp3   4.76 MB
Things Will Be Better.mp3   3.66 MB
5D (Fifth Dimension).mp3   2.43 MB
All I Really Want To Do.mp3   1.94 MB
Chimes Of Freedom.mp3   3.58 MB
Eight Miles High.mp3   3.33 MB
He Was A Friend Of Mine.mp3   2.05 MB
Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go).mp3   2.26 MB
I Know My Rider.mp3   2.56 MB
I See You.mp3   2.47 MB
I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better.mp3   2.38 MB
It Won't Be Wrong.mp3   1.86 MB
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.mp3   2.75 MB
Lay Done Your Weary Tune.mp3   3.26 MB
Mr. Tambourine Man.mp3   2.16 MB
Psychodrama City.mp3   3.17 MB
She Don't Care About Time.mp3   2.37 MB
She Has A Way.mp3   2.36 MB
Spanish Harlem Incident.mp3   1.86 MB
The Bells Of Rhymney.mp3   3.29 MB
The Day Walk (Never Before).mp3   2.82 MB
The Times They Are A-Changin'.mp3   2.16 MB
The World Turns All Around Her.mp3   2.11 MB
Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season).mp3   3.63 MB
Why.mp3   2.79 MB
Dolphin's Smile.mp3   1.88 MB
Draft Morning.mp3   2.45 MB
Everybody's Been Burned.mp3   2.91 MB
Goin' Back.mp3   3.22 MB
Have You Seen Her Face.mp3   2.54 MB
I Am A Pilgrim.mp3   3.39 MB
It Happens Each Day.mp3   2.57 MB
John Riley.mp3   2.8 MB
Lady Friend.mp3   2.44 MB
Mr. Spaceman.mp3   2.03 MB
My Back Pages.mp3   2.91 MB
Old John Robertson.mp3   1.75 MB
Pretty Boy Floyd.mp3   2.41 MB
Renaissance Fair.mp3   1.77 MB
Reputation.mp3   2.94 MB
Roll Over Beethoven [Live].mp3   2.07 MB
So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star.mp3   1.98 MB
The Christian Life.mp3   2.33 MB
The Girl With No Name.mp3   1.73 MB
Time Between.mp3   1.81 MB
Triad.mp3   3.25 MB
Wasn't Born To Follow.mp3   1.93 MB
You Ain't Going Nowhere.mp3   2.4 MB
You Don't Miss Your Water.mp3   3.53 MB
Bad Night At The Whiskey.mp3   3.13 MB
Ballad Of Easy Rider.mp3   1.92 MB
Black Mountain Rag (Soldier's Joy) [Live].mp3   1.17 MB
Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos).mp3   3.56 MB
Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man.mp3   3.61 MB
Hickory Wind.mp3   3.27 MB
Jesus Is Just Alright.mp3   2.03 MB
Lay Lady Lay.mp3   3.07 MB
Lazy Days.mp3   3.22 MB
Lover Of The Bayou [Live].mp3   4.08 MB
Mae Jaen Goes To Hollywood.mp3   2.56 MB
Nashville West.mp3   2.33 MB
Nothing Was Delivered.mp3   3.15 MB
Oil In My Lamp.mp3   1.92 MB
Old Blue.mp3   3.14 MB
One Hundred Years From Now.mp3   2.75 MB
Positively 4th Street [Live].mp3   2.86 MB
Pretty Polly.mp3   2.71 MB
This Wheel's On Fire.mp3   4.34 MB
Tulsa County.mp3   2.61 MB
Way Beyond The Sun.mp3   2.74 MB
Willin' [Live].mp3   2.99 MB
Bugler.mp3   2.89 MB
Chestnut Mare.mp3   2.35 MB
Farther Along.mp3   2.77 MB
From A Distance [Nashville Session New 1990 Byrds Recordings].mp3   3.01 MB
Glory, Glory.mp3   3.73 MB
Green Apple Quick Step.mp3   1.69 MB
He Was A Friend Of Mine [Nashville Session New 1990 Byrds Recordings].mp3   2.3 MB
I Trust.mp3   3.08 MB
I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician.mp3   1.92 MB
Just A Season.mp3   3.57 MB
Just Like A Woman.mp3   3.7 MB
Kathleen's Song.mp3   2.44 MB
Lazy Waters.mp3   3.3 MB
Love That Never Dies [Nashville Session New 1990 Byrds Recordings].mp3   3.62 MB
Mr. Tambourine Man [Roy Orbison Tribute].mp3   5.04 MB
Paths Of Victory [Nashville Session New 1990 Byrds Recordings].mp3   2.96 MB
Stanley's Song.mp3   2.99 MB
Tiffany Queen.mp3   2.52 MB
Truck Stop Girl.mp3   3.1 MB
Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season) [Roy Orbison Tribute].mp3   3.6 MB
White's Lightning.mp3   2.44 MB
folder.jpg   33.75 KB
Astral Weeks.mp3   11.46 MB
Ballerina.mp3   11.56 MB
Beside You.mp3   7.91 MB
Cyprus Avenue.mp3   10.95 MB
Madame George.mp3   14.8 MB
Slim Slow Slider.mp3   4.81 MB
Sweet Thing.mp3   7.78 MB
The Way Young Lovers Do.mp3   5.77 MB
Astral Weeks - I Believe I've Transcended.mp3   13.66 MB
Ballerina.mp3   13.43 MB
Beside You.mp3   8.27 MB
Cartel Live At The Hollywood Bowl.jpg   97.97 KB
Common One (Bonus Track).mp3   9.15 MB
Cyprus Avenue - You Came Walking Down.mp3   8.27 MB
Hollywood Bowl, 07.11.08.jpg   6.62 KB
Listen To The Lion - The Lion Speaks (Bonus Track).mp3   10.67 MB
Madame George.mp3   12.02 MB
Slim Slow Slider - I Start Breaking Down.mp3   10.68 MB
Sweet Thing.mp3   7.78 MB
The Way Young Lovers Do.mp3   4.58 MB
Van Morrison 2009.jpg   37.92 KB
Van Morrison Astral Weeks Live at the Hollywood Bowl.jpg   18.59 KB
Baby Please Don't Go (Performed By Them).mp3   3.2 MB
Bright Side Of The Road.mp3   6.02 MB
Brown Eyed Girl.mp3   5.13 MB
Caravan (Live).mp3   8.54 MB
Comfortably Numb (Live).mp3   6.82 MB
Days Like This.mp3   4.82 MB
Domino (Live).mp3   7.56 MB
folder.jpg   60.2 KB
Gloria (Performed By Them).mp3   3.99 MB
Have I Told You Lately.mp3   5.86 MB
Hungry For Your Love.mp3   5.39 MB
Into The Mystic (Live).mp3   6.9 MB
Irish Heartbeat (With Chieftains).mp3   4.85 MB
Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile).mp3   4.75 MB
Moondance (Live).mp3   5.13 MB
Queen Of The Slipstream.mp3   7.19 MB
Real Real Gone.mp3   5.96 MB
Someone Like You.mp3   5.15 MB
van_morrison_-_at_the_movies_(soundtrack_hits)-2007-back.jpg   26.93 KB
van_morrison_-_at_the_movies_(soundtrack_hits)-2007-front.jpg   32.36 KB
Wild Night.mp3   5.54 MB
Wonderful Remark.mp3   5.88 MB
And It Stoned Me.mp3   6.33 MB
Brand New Day.mp3   7.17 MB
Caravan.mp3   6.98 MB
Come Running.mp3   3.54 MB
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Glad Tidings.mp3   5.15 MB
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This is a collection of some of the greatest Classic Rock albums. I am doing this on trial to see how such torrents are received. If people like this, I will be uploading more torrents of such collections.

Please leave your comments on how you liked this.

I'll be seeding a few hours everyday and the entire weekends.

If you like this, please seed for as long as possible, so that others can enjoy these albums too.....



Allman Brothers Band - Live at the Filmore East (Deluxe Edition) - 2 CD - 256kbps

B. B. King - His Definitive Greatest Hits - 2 CD - 192kbps

Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited - 160kbps

Bob Dylan & The Band - Before the Flood (Live) - 256kbps

Bob Dylan - MTV Unplugged - 160kbps

Bob Dylan - Biograph - 3 CD - 320kbps

Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series - Volume 6 - 1964 - Concert at Philharmonic Hall - 2 CD - 128kbps

Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series - Volume 7 - No Direction Home Soundtrack - 320kbps

Buffalo Springfield - Box Set 1966 - 1968 - 4 CD - 256kbps

Buffalo Springfield - Sell Out - 192kbps

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Box Set 6 CD - 256kbps (Includes all their studio albums)

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Box Set 1991 - 4 CD - 256kbps

Donovan - Beat Cafe - 192kbps

Donovan - Catch The Wind - 128kbps - 320kbps

Donovan - Greatest Hits - VBR

Donovan - Love is Hot, Truth is Molten - 256kbps

Donovan - Mellow Yellow - 192kbps

Donovan - Sunshine Superman - 192kbps

Dr. John - Gris-Gris - 256kbps

Dr. John - Gumbo - 192kbps

Jeff Beck - Beckology - 3 CD - 128kbps

Joan Baez - Diamonds - 2 CD - 128kbps

Neil Young - Decade - 2 CD - 320kbps

Neil Young - Greatest Hits - VBR

Patti Smith - Land 1975 -2002 - 2 CD - 192kbps

The Band - Music from the Big Pink (Remastered) - 192kbps

The Band - The Band (Remastered) - 256kbps

The Band - The Best of The Band - 96kbps

The Byrds - The Byrds - 224kbps

The Byrds - Box Set 1990 - 4 CD - 128kbps

Van Morrison - Astral Weeks - VBR

Van Morrison - Astral Weeks Live at Hollywood Bowl - 192kbps

Van Morrison - At The Movies - Soundtrack Hits - VBR

Van Morrison - Moondance - 192kbps

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