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Highway Robbery - For Love Or Money (US Hard Rock 1972)


Posted on March 11, 2011 in Music » Misc

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Highway Robbery - For Love Or Money (1972)
01_Mystery Rider - Highway Robbery.mp3   6.89 MB
02_Fifteen - Highway Robbery.mp3   6.74 MB
03_All I Need (To Have Is You) - Highway Robbery.mp3   9.18 MB
04_Lazy Woman - Highway Robbery.mp3   11.7 MB
05_Bells - Highway Robbery.mp3   7.58 MB
06_Ain't Gonna Take No More - Highway Robbery.mp3   8.55 MB
07_I'll Do It All Again - Highway Robbery.mp3   9.06 MB
08_Promotion Man - Highway Robbery.mp3   12.25 MB
Highway Robbery - For Love Or Money (1972).nfo   2.12 KB
Highway Robbery - For Love Or Money (Back)).jpg   1.68 MB
Highway Robbery - For Love Or Money (Front).jpg   1.29 MB
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Highway Robbery - For Love Or Money (US Hard Rock 1972)
CD June 6, 2000 To MP3 256 Kbit/s.
Included: CD Covers & This Info.

Band biography
Purposely poised between the heavy metal vulgarity of Black Sabbath and the hippy idealism of Led Zeppelin. One of the best major-label heavy rock albums of the era, produced by Bill Halverson (Blue Mountain Eagle, CS&N, Freddie King). The liner notes proclaim that "the group dedicates itself to the emission of the highest levels of energy rock". Their brilliant guitarist, Michael Stevens, composed the eight tracks (Lazy Woman, Promotion Man, Fifteen...) while Francisco sang and drummed. Stevens was previously with The Boston Tea Party, and also played on Atlee Yeager's solo albums. Due to his work with Yeager and the "Child Of A Gypsy Commune" mention in the liner notes, some people (mainly record dealers) think he was Damon, but that's not the case at all. A New York native, previously in Crowfoot and Atlee, Francisco was an active musician, drummer and singer. In 1973 he was with Ron Elliott (Beau Brummels) in Pan and in 1977 formed The Big Wha-Koo (three albums on Epic and ABC). He has an extensive recording history lasting into the 1980s. He must not be confused with another Don Francisco, a Christian singer/songwriter who released some albums during the seventies on NewPax, a label managed by Gary Paxton.

This Hard Rock Trio's one and only LP (originally released by RCA in 1972) has long been a favoite among Hard Rock Collectors. Original Vinyl copies fetch upwards of $50.00 on the collectors circuit. Now COLLECTIBLES has issued this SMOKIN' CD. Fans of early Rush,Led Zep,Mountain,Budgie and other similar Power Trios will thrill to the crunching Guitar & Wide-Opened/Full Throttle Heavyness of HIGHWAY ROBBERY.

A01. Mystery Rider
A02. Fifteen
A03. All I Need (To Have Is You)
A04. Lazy Woman
B05. Bells
B06. Ain't Gonna Take No More
B07. I'll Do It All Again
B08. Promotion Man

Michael Stevens - Vocals, Guitar
John Livingston Tunison IV - Vocals, Bass
Don Francisco - Vocals, Drums

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