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Linksys WRT54G v5-6 only dd-wrt flashing files


Posted on August 9, 2011 in Misc » Others

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Internal Files

My54gImage.bin   319.5 KB
cfe.bin   256 KB
vximgtoolgui.exe   82.5 KB
common.dll   64 KB
wrt_vx_imgtool.exe   46 KB
dd-wrt.v24-12548_NEWD_micro.bin   1.63 MB
vxworks_prep_v03.bin   1.27 MB   227.54 KB
tftp.exe   44.39 KB

Hash Code



Linksys dd-wrt firmware

Read the peacock announcement found here:
Do a HARD reset on the router according to note 1 of the peacock announcement (30/30/30)
Set a static IP on your computer to Subnet mask should be
Connect the LAN cable from your computer to a LAN port of your router. Make sure your router is plugged in. Nothing should be connected to your computer or the router except the LAN cable between them. Turn your firewall and any wireless computer connections OFF.
Unzip the file you downloaded in step one, and place it in a location you can easily find on your computer.
Unzip the file to the same folder as where you placed the other files you downloaded.
Start VXImgToolGui.exe.
Make sure the top button is on the left for WRT54G, not the right for WRT54GS.
Put the MAC address from the bottom of your router in the box that says \\\"Desired MAC\\\" (Tip: You can also copy/paste the mac address from the Linksys Firmware Status\\\\Local Network page)
Click on the three dots next to \\\"output image\\\" and save the file as My54gImage.bin in the same folder as everything else is located.
Power cycle the router (unplug the power from the router for 30 seconds and then plug it back in).
Open your browser to by putting that in the browser address window of your browser. You should open the linksys webgui and NOT a page that says Management Mode. If you see management mode, power cycle the router again.
Enter \\\"root\\\" as the username and \\\"admin\\\" as the password.
Go to Administration and Firmware Upgrade.
Navigate to the folder that you are using, and select vxworks_prep_03.bin.
Hit upgrade.
Wait for FIVE FULL MINUTES. Go for a walk. Don\\\'t you TOUCH that router for FIVE MINUTES.
When five full Earth minutes have passed, power cycle the router.
Browse again to If you get a blank window, clear your browser cache. NOW you should be in the MANAGEMENT MODE window.
Select the My54gImage.bin file that you created. Hit Apply.
Wait for the \\\"Upgrade Success\\\" message, and then WAIT FIVE FULL MINUTES again. Don\\\'t TOUCH your router.
Start tftp.exe.
Enter as the address in the top box of tftp.exe.
Leave the password blank.
Select the 12548 Newd_Micro.bin firmware.
Set retries to 99.
Power cycle the router.
Count to 2.
Hit upgrade.
When you get a success, wait FIVE FULL minutes.
If you don\\\'t get success, repeat from steps 19(4) up to this one. If you still don\\\'t get success, clear your browser cache. Try using a different browser as well, to navigate to
When you can access the dd-wrt webgui using a browser at, power cycle the router.
When you can again access the dd-wrt webgui using a browser at, do another HARD reset on the router.
Reset your computer Ethernet connection to auto IP and auto DNS.

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