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Locutions to the World.pdf


Posted on January 15, 2012 in Ebooks » Misc

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Locutions to the World.pdf
Locutions to the World.pdf   1.48 MB

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Monsignor John Esseff is a diocesan priest and exorcist for the diocese of Scranton. Msgr. Esseff, who was ordained in 1953, writes that he had Padre Pio as a spiritual director, and later was Mother Teresa's spiritual director.

In this blog, Msgr. Esseff explains that he is now the spiritual director of a person who has been receiving locutions from Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary. For a time, these locutions were personal, addressed to the local community, but since December 2010, according to Msgr. Esseff, these locutions have begun to be addressed to the whole world. Msgr. Esseff writes that he has discerned the validity of these locutions, and apparently he has judged them sound enough to publish.

I urge you to you read all of the locutions in context on Msgr. Esseff's blog, as they offer many spiritual insights and urgent exhortations related to the events that are in the process of unfolding in the world and in the human heart.

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