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Music of the Middle Ages 6


Posted on November 18, 2007 in Music » Misc

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Music of the Middle Ages 6
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Well, my children, I did as threatened and dug around in storage and came up with 22 more CD's of medieval music. Track information and cover art may therefore not be available for all of them. I went and checked at for each one to verify that they were out of print; some are available used, one was listed for SIXTY DOLLARS (!) and some simply didn't exist. These are lost treasures. Keep them well for me.

To save time and space, I ripped these at 320 kb rather than in Windows Lossless. As before, there are five torrents in total. This one includes:

Danse Royale (Ensemble Alcatraz) <-- the first period CD I ever purchased
Visions & Miracles (Ensemble Alcatraz)
Le Jeu des Pèlerins d'Emmaüs (Ensemble Organum)
Guiraut Riquier- 9 Suites Medievales (La Compagnie Medievale)
Jaufre Rudel- 12th siecle Troubadour (La Compagnie Medievale)

Be certain to download my other torrents of medieval and archaic music! Appeciative comments are always appreciated in turn. Enjoy -- and keep seeding!

-- Rivenshield

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