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Rifftrax - Thor 720p Dual-Audio mkv


Posted on October 30, 2011 in Misc » Others

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Internal Files

Rifftrax - S01E121 - Thor.mkv
Rifftrax - S01E121 - Thor.mkv   2.79 GB

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Saw there were some really crappy versions of this out there. First time making a Riftrax but it came out pretty good so I figured I would share it.

Original Source:
Thor 2011 720p BRRip XviD ac3 (avi) [TFRG] - Wrapped as .mkv

Its a little large @ 2.79GB but the quality is good and it has dual-audio and is nowhere near as large as that 1080p version that is floating around.

The Rifftrax audio track is louder than the movie audio track, so if your player selects the movie audio track first, you may want turn your volume down a bit before changing tracks!

I used auto-duck to silence the movie soundtrack a bit during Rifftrax audio. I have also removed the DisembAudio prompts for a smooth viewing experience.

Also, if you like Rifftrax, consider donating to them @

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