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Shenmue 2 English Speech Version - CD1 - Dreamcast


Posted on July 19, 2007 in Games » Dreamcast

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Shenmue 2 English Speech Jeffma
JFM-SHEN1.R00   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R01   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R02   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R03   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R04   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R05   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R06   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R07   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R08   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R09   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R10   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R11   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R12   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R13   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R14   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R15   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R16   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R17   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R18   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R19   19.07 MB
JFM-SHEN1.R20   12.53 MB
JFM-SHEN1.RAR   19.07 MB
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This is the DC games but with the XBOX voices edited in! The Dreamcast never had a English voice version...

Yu Suzuki's cinematic masterpiece returns to the Dreamcast with more spellbinding adventure and an even more immersive world. The epic continues as Ryo Hazuki arrives in Hong Kong on his quest to avenge his father's murder by the warlord Lan Di and unravel the mystery of the Phoenix mirror. Set in Hong Kong, Kowloon, and Guilin, you'll travel through breathtaking scenery, rich with mountainous wilderness, traditional Taoist temples, and stunning tropical landscapes. As you move through massive, highly-detailed 3D worlds, you'll interact with almost every facet of your environment as well as a whole new cast of characters.


This is CD/Disc 1 only ripped and edited by the great JeffMa. He never did the other discs nor did anyone else!
Dont request them as they dont exist!  

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