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The Outsiders [Netherlands] - Strange Things Are Happening; Singles 1965-1969 (2002) [Lossless FLAC]


Posted on May 22, 2008 in Music » Rock

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Internal Files

The Outsiders [Netherlands] - Strange Things Are Happening; The Complete Singles 1965-1969 (2002)
01 - You Mistreat Me.flac   12.73 MB
02 - Sun's Going Down.flac   9.75 MB
03 - Felt Like I Wanted to Cry.flac   9.54 MB
04 - I Love Her Still, I Always Will.flac   11.38 MB
05 - Lying All The Time.flac   11.44 MB
06 - Thinking About Today.flac   9.86 MB
07 - Keep On Trying.flac   11.09 MB
08 - That's Your Problem.flac   9.27 MB
09 - Touch.flac   10.48 MB
10 - Ballad Of John B.flac   22.29 MB
11 - Monkey On Your Back.flac   11.74 MB
12 - What's Wrong With You.flac   11.62 MB
13 - Summer Is Here.flac   12.73 MB
14 - Teach Me To Forget.flac   12.2 MB
15 - I've Been Loving You So Long.flac   11.35 MB
16 - I'm Only Trying to Prove to Myself That I'm Not Like Everbody Else.flac   8.69 MB
17 - Don't You Worry About Me.flac   12.75 MB
18 - Bird In A Cage.flac   12.29 MB
19 - Cup Of Hot Coffee.flac   12.44 MB
20 - Strange Things Are Happening.flac   9.19 MB
21 - I Don't Care.flac   8.5 MB
22 - You Remind Me.flac   9.51 MB
23 - Do You Feel Allright.flac   13.32 MB
24 - Daddy Died On A Saturday.flac   22.05 MB
AMG Bio.txt   1.4 KB
AMG Review.txt   3.2 KB
CD.jpg   687.86 KB
Folder Back.jpg   10.69 MB
Folder Front.jpg   9.48 MB
Front.jpg   760.37 KB
Tray Back.jpg   1.35 MB
Tray Inside.jpg   380.78 KB
Notes.txt   3.16 KB
Thumb.jpg   13.84 KB
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The Outsiders [Netherlands] - Strange Things Are Happening: The Complete Singles 1965-1969 (2002)


Files by track, ripped at FLAC 8 using Easy CD-DA Extractor (

Tracks have full tags (including embedded thumbnail).

All artwork in jpgs at 300 d.p.i. Rotated and cropped losslessly using jpegcrop.

AMG Bio.txt

AMG Review.txt

Notes.txt (which is simply these notes included in the torrent)

Bio from All Music:

Not to be confused with the Cleveland pop/rock group that had a Top Ten hit in 1966 with \"Time Won\'t Let Me,\" these Outsiders (from Amsterdam, Holland) could issue a serious claim for consideration as the finest rock band of the \'60s to hail from a non-English-speaking nation. Led by singer/songwriter Wally Tax, the group was quite comparable to England\'s Pretty Things in their fine raw, punky R&B/pop with basic but riveting hooks. Like the Pretty Things, the Outsiders (who sang entirely in English) made similar psychedelic/progressive ventures in the late \'60s that cut loose from their R&B roots without losing sight of them entirely. Recording several albums of material (consisting wholly of original compositions) between 1965 and 1969, the group tempered their punky, almost proto-hardcore ravers with melancholy, pensive folk-rockers and unpredictable production touches ranging from Baroque mandolins and harpsichords to found radio static. The Outsiders\' music was fraught with tension, the punkish rhythms playing against the melodic tunes, the R&B sensibilities against the pop hooks, often within the same song. They were unknown on an international level to all but the most fervent \'60s collectors. Wally Tax moved to the U.S. in the early \'70s, where he recorded one album as the leader of the band Tax Free.

Taken from:

Album Review excerpt:

Prior to the 2002 release of this compilation, everything done by the Outsiders was well-represented on CD except for the bulk of their singles. That was a shame, as their dozen 1965-1969 singles contained much of their best work. That gap is entirely rectified by this exemplary compilation, which includes both sides of all dozen of their 1965-1969 singles. ....

The entire review at:

Track List:

01. You Mistreat Me

02. Sun\'s Going Down

03. Felt Like I Wanted to Cry

04. I Love Her Still, I Always Will

05. Lying All The Time

06. Thinking About Today

07. Keep On Trying

08. That\'s Your Problem

09. Touch

10. Ballad Of John B

11. Monkey On Your Back

12. What\'s Wrong With You

13. Summer Is Here

14. Teach Me To Forget

15. I\'ve Been Loving You So Long

16. I\'m Only Trying to Prove to Myself That I\'m Not Like Everbody Else

17. Don\'t You Worry About Me

18. Bird In A Cage

19. Cup Of Hot Coffee

20. Strange Things Are Happening

21. I Don\'t Care

22. You Remind Me

23. Do You Feel Allright

24. Daddy Died On A Saturday

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