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The Print Shop Premier Edition Version 5.0 []


Posted on May 15, 2012 in Software » Windows , verified torrent

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Print Shop Premier Edition 5.0 []
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The Print Shop Premier Edition

Version 5.0 []

How to install

Download The Print Shop Premier Edition

Burn image with power iso or magic iso

Auto start installing from dvd rom

No ned serial [cracked]

Ristart you computer


OS- ANY Windows

To help you quickly locate any information you need, here is

a list of what is included in this ReadMe, so you can scroll

down to the appropriate section.


1. What's New in The Print Shop Premier Edition?

2. Helpful Tips and Troubleshooting

3. How to Contact Technical Support


The Print Shop Premier Edition introduces many new and

exciting features and an entirely new and improved user

interface that makes creating professional-looking documents

easier than ever before!  The following list highlights some

of the new features which we're sure will delight both the

first-time Print Shop user as well as the "old-timers."


Pamphlet Project

Three panel z-fold project. Perfect for mailers, little

newsletters, and so on.

Post-it(r) Notes Project

For use with Post-it(r) Notes for Laser and Inkjet printers.  

Post-in(r) Notes for Laser and Inkjet printers are available

in most stationery and office supply stores.

New Project Picker UI

More intuitive and informative. Responds to cursor movement

with button highlights and beautiful collages that provide

a sense of what can be accomplished with each selected


Three Easy Ways to Create Your Project

Start From Scratch - Gets user to blank page ASAP.

Help Me Design - Leads you along backdrop/layout selection

path - providing examples of interaction of design elements

with backdrop artwork. Backdrops and layouts are presented

in a gallery for viewing and comparisons.

QuickStart Layouts - Beautifully designed "ready-made"

projects (designed by professionals). Sorted by meaningful

themes and presented in a gallery for easy viewing and


Coordinated Sets - Select a Greeting Card and then choose

"Create Set" to open coordinated pieces like Envelopes,

Signs, and so on.

Additional Paper Size Support

US Letter (8.5x11), US Legal (8.5x14), Tabloid (11x17),

and stock envelope sizes.

Graphics Browser

Access graphics via a meaningful categorization of the thousands

of images available. View your choices in a variety of ways:

Gallery view (4 at a time), Large view (1 at a time), or List

view (scrollable text list with preview).  Print Shop supplied

photos are integrated with the graphics in various categories.

Full Rotation of Photos

Prior versions restricted photo manipulation to 90 degree

increments. You can now rotate photos a full 360 degrees!

Improved Text Handling

Edit text right on the document rather than in a dialog.

Select a number of special shapes for text blocks (not just

rectangle).  Text can wrap around graphics or other objects.

Bulleted lists are now available.  Users can assign hyphenation

(on or off) to text blocks.

Improved Headlines

Point and click interface to the wide variety of headline

effects - see it, try it, use it. Default mode for headline

effects will allow user to select prepackaged effects that

work well together.  New effects include emboss/deboss,

blur, perspective, and so on, plus new shapes --

including vertical headlines!

New Color User Interface

Brand new and improved color palette including palette of blends.


VERY simple method for storing favorite graphics, headlines,

and so on. Just drag and drop from your document into the

Scrapbook and your favorite object stays there ready to be

dragged back onto a new document whenever you like.

Object Toolbar

Placing Print Shop objects is more straightforward than ever

before. All the basic tools required to make a Print Shop

project are right in front of you (graphics, headlines, text,

and so on).

Improved Custom Graphics

"Smart Graphics" have been greatly simplified for users. No more

file management required when trying to place an Initial Cap or

other Custom Graphic on the document.

New Object Type! - Logos

Simple logos allow users to construct headline and graphic

combinations. Mix and match preset logo pieces and then customize.

TWAIN Support

Support for TWAIN image acquisition (used by most Scanners and

Digital Cameras).

Edit Image Dialog

Special dialog for editing images including darken/lighten,

contrast, blur/sharpen, and an improved cropping tool that allows

for more accurate rectangular cropping.

Multiple Document Interface

The Print Shop Premier Edition makes use of a Multiple Document

Interface (MDI) so that more than one document can be opened at


Drag and Drop Support

With MDI, users can drag an object from a Sign into a Postcard

-- making it very easy to create their own coordinated sets.

Easier Object Election

Rather than having to select various cursors for different

actions, the cursor automatically responds to the resize, rotate,

and move areas of the object.

Multimedia Tutorial

Rich multimedia tutorial allows users to watch a demonstration

of all the basics.

Improved Calendars

Select cells and copy/paste from one cell to another, etc.

And much, much more!... We sincerely hope you will enjoy all the

new features of The Print Shop Premier Edition!



The Print Shop Premier Edition 5.0 comes with a Multimedia

Tutorial which introduces many of the latest features and

provides a fun and easy way to learn all the basics to get

you started creating your own Print Shop masterpieces. If

you're new to The Print Shop we recommend you take a few

minutes to view the Tutorial. If you are an experienced Print

Shop user, you may also find the Tutorial helpful to introduce

you to what's new in The Print Shop Premier Edition.

Test Print - Calibrating Your Printer for Best Results

The Print Shop Premier Edition has been tested with a wide

number of printers and works well with most popular printers.

Because each printer may or may not report its exact print

dimensions, we have included a very useful and powerful Test

Print feature in The Print Shop Premier Edition.

If you are experiencing any print problems with things being

off-center or clipped on the edges, we suggest you use the

Test Print feature.

* Open a blank Tall Sign project and select Print from the

File Menu.

* Select Test Print. (A Test Print page will be printed. Please

take the Test Print page and use it to fill out the questions

presented in the Test Print dialog.)

* The Test Print dialog will present itself on your screen.

* To calibrate the exact margins for your printer, look at

the Test Print page and enter the largest number that shows

a completely drawn square around it. Do this for the top, left,

bottom, and right edges.

* To calibrate the exact center point for your printer, fold

the Test Print page in half, then fold it again so that it is

divided into four parts.  Look carefully at the creases and

indicate which squares line up precisely with the horizontal

and vertical creases on your paper.

* To identify whether your printer is able to deal with certain

transparent characters, indicate whether you see ABC or ABCD.

* When you have entered the correct information reported by

your Test Print page, click OK to enter these settings into

The Print Shop Premier Edition. (This should also be done for

a Wide Sign project.)

Two Per Sheet NoteCards

If you are having problems getting your printer to print out

5.5x8.5 NoteCard Greeting Cards, please select the "Two per

sheet" option when selecting NoteCard Greeting Cards on the

Select A Format dialog box. Various printers feed the NoteCard

stock in different ways. This selection should resolve the

problem for those cases.

Using Photos

The Print Shop Premier Edition comes with a wide variety of

photo images that can be accessed via the Graphic Browser.  

You can search for these images using the Category Views or

with keyword entries.

If you will be scanning images in or using your own or other

photos from any other source, please be aware that image size

and resolution will play an important role in the performance

of both your system and of The Print Shop Premier Edition.  

Depending on your system configuration, large images may

require up to several minutes to fully load into the



If you have worked through these troubleshooting suggestions

and still need assistance, you can contact Brøderbund

Technical Support by using the options listed below.  It will

be very helpful if you can tell us your computer make and

model, and the brand names of both the video card and sound

card you are using.  You can gather this information in the

About Box for The Print Shop Premier Edition by selecting

About The Print Shop in the Help Menu. If possible, have the

computer both positioned near your phone and turned on.  

Please also be prepared to give us a detailed

description of what happens when you try to run the program.

You can contact us in any of the following ways:

* Internet - Online support is available through our World  

Wide Web site at

* CompuServe - Type GO BRODERBUND at any prompt to access

Brøderbund's area in CompuServe, or send your questions to

* America Online - Use the Keyword: BRODERBUND to find our

Product Support Boards, or address your questions to BBund

Tec1 or BBund Tec2 using AOL's electronic mail.

* Mail - Send your questions to Brøderbund Technical

Correspondence, P.O. Box 6125, Novato, CA  94948-6125.

* Phone - Call us at (415) 382-4750 from Monday through

Friday between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.,

Pacific Time.

We really hope you will enjoy our product.

End of ReadMe.txt

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