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Volunteer Jam Charlie Daniels Toy Caldwell Dickie Betts EP


Posted on July 8, 2007 in Music » Rock

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Internal Files

Volunteer Jam
01 Volunteer Pt 1.flac   32.36 MB
02 Volunteer Pt 2.flac   23.34 MB
03 Volunteer Pt 3.flac   10.74 MB
04 Volunteer Pt 1_2 Edit.flac   55.06 MB
info.txt   1.4 KB   47 Byte
Vol Jam Side A Label.jpg   566.71 KB
Vol Jam Side A Record.jpg   1.38 MB
Vol Jam Side B Label.jpg   572.14 KB
Vol Jam Side B Record.jpg   1.04 MB
VolJamBack.jpg   1.03 MB
VolJamBooklet.jpg   1.79 MB
Volunteer Jam.ffp   340 Byte
Volunteer Jam.md5   585 Byte

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Okay, southern rock fans, here it is. The one that started it all. The first "Volunteer Jam". This is a vinyl EP (KSBS - EP - 10) that was included in first Kama Sutra pressings of the Charlie Daniels Band "Nightrider" album (1975).

These tracks would have been excellent as bonus tracks on the CD reissue, but since I don't work for Sony, it didn't happen. So you can grab these tracks and add them to the end of your car copy of "Nightrider", or you can put them at the front of your "Volunteer Jam" 1976 album rip (since it never came out digitally). This makes more sense musically, but the Jam albums came out of Capricorn, not Kama Sutra then Epic. Or you can use my included artwork and just make your own EP CD.

Tracks 1-3 are the three tracks just as they appear on the vinyl (for the purists). Track 4 is tracks 1 & 2 edited together to present the complete nine minute track minus the record flip. Unlike some other famous record flips ("Mountain Jam" from "Eat a Peach" for example) this one had very little overlap and the fade started before the overlap did, but with a bit of fancy volume matching and editing, I think that I have presented the track fairly seamlessly.

So I use just track 4 then track 3 as my bonus tracks, but you may use them as you see fit.

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