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Wizoo Darbuka Latigo


Posted on April 24, 2010 in Software » Windows

Size: 2.81 GB , Seeds: 5 , Peers: 1 ( Updated November 14, 2015 - Refresh )

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Internal Files

Wizoo Darbuka Latigo
Working Darbuka_2_Win7.jpg   563.25 KB
Working Darbuka_1_Win7.jpg   555.06 KB
Working Latigo_2_Win7.jpg   547.89 KB
Install_6.jpg   279.27 KB
Install_5.jpg   217.08 KB
Install_1.jpg   168.96 KB
Install_2.jpg   148.91 KB
Install_4.jpg   136.07 KB
Install_3.jpg   82.69 KB
Install Instructions.rtf   2.79 KB
Darbuka Latigo.iso   2.8 GB
Wizoo Darbuka + Latigo Licensed Files.rar   1.56 MB
Darbuka Latigo Install Instructions.rtf   3.18 KB
Torrent downloaded from   47 Byte

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I downloaded the iso a few years back and the install instructions were useless, so I wrote my own. I don't take credit for the work other than the instructions and screenshots. This download contains a 2.79gb iso of Wizoo "Darbuka Latigo" and a winrar file containing the replacement dll files and the certificate files for both Darbuka and Latigo. I managed to get the dll and certificates from a keygen torrent on TPB. Plus I wrote some detailed installation instructions and included some screenshots of the install. I have had successfull installs on (XP sp2 and 3, Vista sp1, Win7 32bit and Win 7 64bit) and all of them worked. Since my host DAW is FL Studio, I can't say for certain that it will work with any other host DAW, although it's safe to assume that it does.

It also has a OS X folder on the iso but I'm not familiar with the Mac, so I can't help with the Mac install.

I share a dsl connection with 2 other people so I will only be able to seed at full upload speed (90-95 kilo bites a second) for 10 to 12 hours a day. Please be patient until we get some more seeders. Also, realize that I don't expect this to be a real popular download resulting in not so many seeders at any one time, hence the importance of seeding at least what you downloaded. The more the better. I won't be seeding this forever.

After d/l is complete be sure to check out the readmme.rtf and the screenshots in the rar file.

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