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WWE Undertaker Deadliest Matches DVDRip Disk 1 FULL(hufc)


Posted on October 28, 2010 in Series » Misc , verified torrent

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WWE The Undertaker's Deadliest Matches Disc 1 DVDRip.avi   2.45 GB

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WWE Undertaker Deadliest Matches DVDRip Disk 1 FULL(hufc)

Mark William Callaway, better known to wrestling fans as The Undertaker, has been a staple of the WWE for two decades now, having joined the league after WCW, where he wrestled as 'Mean' Mark Callous, opted not to renew his contract. He was pretty much a sensation right from the get go, and holds the record for undefeated Wrestlemania matches with an 18-0 standing. He's a big guy, a scary guy, a man of few words and fairly mysterious both inside and outside of the ring, but there's no denying he's one of the all time WWE/WWF greats, ranking up there with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Brett Hart, Roddy Piper and Rick Flair. Not only is The Undertaker one of the most intimidating men in the entire WWE, but he's also one of the biggest so his mix of muscle, machismo and intimidation makes him a pretty formidable opponent. That said, let's be realistic - he can, and has, been beaten. The Undertaker debuted as 'Kane The Undertaker' on November19th, 1990 on a WWF Superstars Match but his televised debut occurred a few days later on November 22nd where he appeared as one of Ted DiBiase's henchmen. None of this material is included in the set, unfortunately,.

The WWE is well aware of The Undertaker's popularity and as such have opted to release a three disc collection featuring some of his finest moments under the title The Undertaker's Deadliest Matches. It's a good selection of bouts, from his early days up to the present day and which gives a good, if not quite completely comprehensive, overview of the man's career.

Disc One:

Body Bag Match - Undertaker Versus Ultimate Warrior, Madison Square Garden - July 1, 1991

Coffin Match - Undertaker Versus Kamala, Survivor Series - November 25, 1992

Casket Match - Undertaker Versus Kama, SummerSlam - August 27, 1995

Casket Match - Undertaker Versus King Mabel, In Your House - December 17, 1995

Undertaker Versus Mankind, King of the Ring - June 23, 1996

Boiler Room Brawl - Undertaker Versus Mankind, SummerSlam - August 18, 1996

Buried Alive Match - Undertaker Versus Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rock Bottom - December 13, 1998

Inferno Match - Undertaker Versus Kane, Raw - February 22, 1999

The first disc starts off with a bang, by throwing us right into the thick of things with a Body Bag match in which the then super popular Ultimate Warrior found himself almost certainly doomed to a horrible fate in which The Undertaker would zip him up inside a body bag! Paul Bearer (William Moody) is on hand for this and most of the other early bouts, touting the 'power of the Urn' to anyone who will listen and playing up the ghoulish antics that made these early matches so much macabre fun. It's hard to take him seriously, but he's definitely bound to go down in history as one of the more entertaining managers to ever walk the ring. What this set misses, or intentionally omits, is that The Undertaker was originally managed by Brother Love - none of the Brother Love era matches are anywhere to be found here.

Regardless, we get some excellent matches on Disc One, not just the Ultimate Warrior match but also some fantastic wrestling as The Undertaker goes up against the likes of Mankind, with whom he'd have a fairly longstanding feud, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Mankind matches (why hasn't Mankind received a DVD tribute yet?) are some of the best on the set, with Foley going nuts and periodically yanking out his own hair. The stand out of the Mankind bouts has to be the match that takes place inside a boiler room, finishing up with The Undertaker dragging Mankind out of his home and into the ring for a beating. We even get to see The Undertaker during that brief, but odd, phase he went through where he wore a purple half mask in the match against King Mabel.

This is Disk 1, in FULL, of a 3 disk special. Sorry if you downloaded my last one as that was just part one of disk one. This is over 2GB in size, so please be patient when downloading and, please, keep seeding it when finished to help others complete it. I have stopped ALL my downloads/uploads that i was getting to help this go faster. I really hope you enjoy this.

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